Some Awesome Ideas for Desktop Wallpaper

Some people don’t think about their desktop wallpaper much at all; other people are constantly changing theirs to suit their state of mind or their creative imagination. Regardless of your background personality style, they are an excellent way to keep you inspired and interested in your day-to-day life. Read on for some awesome background ideas for any of your devices.

Digital Backgrounds

In the last few years, graphic design has taken off with a plethora of new platforms and technologies that are more accessible than ever before. In the past, graphic designers had to rely on the Adobe software suite, which was expensive to buy, but these days, there are plenty of open-source alternatives allowing people to explore and expand their creative potential.

If you enjoy graphic design making your own digital ba backgrounds is an excellent way to practice and get your name out there, but if you simply like the look of a digital background on your phone or desktop, there are plenty to choose from. Digital backgrounds can be animated, abstract, or psychedelic, offering you something for every mood or a change once in a while.

Paper Backgrounds

Paper art has a long tradition that reaches back to old Japan, where origami was invested. Origami is the art of recycled paper folding that can be simple enough for a child to practice, but the art form can take a lifetime to master. Nowadays, paper art has moved beyond the traditions of origami and is delicate; intricate artwork can be found in dedicated studios and backgrounds.

There is something very elegant about paper art which is probably why so many people are choosing it for their backgrounds. Whether it is an image of an origami animal or an intricate paper art piece from a dedicated studio like Zim&Zou, a paper background is a perfect way to frame your creative life and bring a sense of elegance and delicacy to your daily experience.

Buddha Backgrounds

In some ways, the image of the Buddha has become quite commercial; everybody recognizes the image of the stoic figure sitting cross-legged on a plinth with a jeweled crown and a mudra pose, but not everyone understands the significance of the image or the symbolic details that differentiate one Buddha from another. Knowing the difference makes them perfect for phones.

If you know the difference between a wisdom Buddha, a compassion Buddha, and an ethics Buddha, you can use the Buddha backgrounds to frame your lifestyle based on what is on your mind at any given time period. When you have exhausted all your inspiration for that particular frame of mind, you can simply switch to a new Buddha and allow it to inspire you instead.

Graphics Backgrounds

Graphics backgrounds are not too dissimilar to digital backgrounds, and they can be used in much the same ways as Buddha backgrounds. Graphics backgrounds tend to be shapes and patterns that depict different states of mind. Some homes and businesses change the decoration regularly to support calmness or productivity – backgrounds are used the same way.

Graphics backgrounds are the perfect way to frame your mind and give you the inspiration you need in your everyday life. Some days you might be feeling blocky, while other days, you might be feeling rainy or bubbly; with graphics backgrounds, you can influence yourself and inspire creativity. With this in mind, it pays to have a cache of saved best graphics backgrounds to use.

Personal Backgrounds

If you are more inspired by the people, children, and pets in your life, then why not have a personalized background on your smartphone or desktop computer? Sometimes, the familiar faces of the ones we love are the perfect thing to inspire us and get us through the day. The simple way to make personal background is to snap a phone picture and adjust the settings.

Creating a personalized background is simple and straightforward, but you might want something a little more intriguing for the long term. Why not choose your favorite pictures of a pet, a child, or a partner, and augment them with graphics or change the lens to make them more artistic? These effects can be created easily in the Adobe suite or by a freelancer.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone thinks about the potential of a background on their phone or laptop to inspire them, but these background images can have an effect on how you feel throughout the day. If you are not a background person, why not challenge yourself to change it once in a while?