These days, trackers infiltrate nearly every webpage. Advertisements demand your attention and monitor your online movements. Your own devices and software send telemetry back to manufacturers and developers, leaking all kinds of information about your activities.

DNS blocklists can help you regain control over your network traffic. They can stop your devices from ever connecting to certain data tracking sites, malicious content, or servers that collect telemetry.

In this video, we explain exactly how they work, and how to set them up on your home network using the open source router and firewall software, pfSense.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Understanding DNS Blocklists
02:32 Setting Up DNS Blocklists
13:36 Note for Quad9 Users
14:17 The Looming Threat
15:12 Conclusion

DNS blocklists and the reports they generate are a great way to become more aware of how our data is being collected and our privacy invaded without us realizing.

Special Thanks to John Todd for guiding us through the tutorial process!
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