How private is your phone keyboard?
Smartphones allow us to intimately communicate, do sensitive work, and access the world around us by tapping on a screen: The gateway to this world is the keyboard. It’s where we type our searches, our credit card details, our passwords. You’d better hope the keyboard you’re using is private, and not sending off your keystrokes somewhere else.

In this video we dive into keyboard privacy, and dive into some of the most private and least private keyboard options.

00:00 Intro
01:10 Virtual Keyboards Explained
02:21 Third-Party Keyboards
03:05 How to Tell if a Keyboard App is Safe
06:26 These Keyboards Leak Your Data!
08:12 Apple’s iOS Keyboard
11:04 Google’s GBoard
13:02 Graphene OS
14:22 AnySoftKeyboard
14:50 OpenBoard
15:18 FlorisBoard
15:30 SimpleKeyboard
16:00 Fleksy
16:42 Stay Vigilant

A third-party keyboard app isn’t just something you should add to your phone because it offers some cool features. It’s a critical decision that can undermine the privacy of your entire device. Choose wisely.

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Beginner’s Introduction To Privacy – Naomi Brockwell

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Privacy Tip: Turn off your wifi and bluetooth when you’re not using them!!!

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