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MacBooks have always been overpriced, slow, and they can’t even get over 95 FPS when gaming on Counterstrike… At least, that is what’s been thrown around internet forums for the better part of the last decade. With Apple’s new M3 Max chips though, are those shiny MacBooks finally able to compete with Intel and Nvidia’s most powerful systems?

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Products featured in this video:
⮕ Aluminum Laptop Stand: https://geni.us/mstand
⮕ Dell U2720Q 4K Monitor: https://geni.us/4kdisplay
⮕ Anker USB-C Hub: https://geni.us/ankerhub8in1
⮕ CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 Dock: https://geni.us/tbdock

Q: There are cheaper Windows laptops with similar performance to the Legion 9i, why didn’t you use them?
A: Sure, but I only own the Legion 9i, and didn’t want to spend thousands more on a new one lol. The 9i also has a very comparable screen to the M3 Max MacBook Pro (3.2k resolution and Mini-LED screen). Regardless, price is not what I’m comparing in this video. I’m mostly interested in raw performance (but yes, you can get a similarly powerful Windows laptop for 20-40% cheaper than the M3 Max).

Q: During the Resident Evil gaming comparison, why did you enable DLSS on the Legion laptop? Wouldn’t it be fairer to disable this because the Mac does not support it?
A: I think it’s more unfair to intentionally handicap the Legion by disabling DLSS. If you’re playing on an RTX GPU, you are going to enable DLSS. The Mac has no raytracing support yet on games, so this is a realistic representation of real-life differences. There is also no DLSS option for “quality” on the Windows machine either.

Q: You look like an Apple fanboy, therefore all the data in this video is inaccurate/fake/biased.
A: IDGAF, and also feel free to compare the results in this video to other publicly available data/benchmarks/results. I did this before releasing the video to cross-reference my findings. I’m confident this video paints an accurate picture of (most) differences.

Q: Why did you compare Intel 13th generation CPUs instead of the new 2024 Intel Ultra lineup?
A: Pretty simple lol – the Ultra lineup was released about 4 days before I uploaded this video. Also, the high-performance Ultra CPUs have not even been announced, let alone the laptops they will ship in.

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00:00 Introduction
01:02 A Few Things…
03:05 CPU Performance
04:23 Creative Workflows
05:31 LESTRANGE Clothes
06:58 Video Editing
08:13 3D Workflows
09:44 Gaming
11:55 Fan Noise and Heat
13:07 Efficiency
13:55 Performance on Battery
14:17 The Future

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