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I’ve been searching for the best low-profile wireless mechanical keyboard for almost a year. I’ve tried everything from Apple’s Magic Keyboard, to Logitech’s MX Mechanical, to Keychron’s K3 Pro. But what about Nuphy’s Air75 V2? How does it stack up? And could it be the best keyboard for most users?

Buy the Nuphy Air75 V2 here:
⮕ From Nuphy’s website (use code CT10):

Or get the standard-sized Air96 V2 with number keys:
⮕ From Nuphy’s website (use code CT10):

Shine-through keycaps:
⮕ From Nuphy’s website (use code CT10):

Other Keyboards Mentioned in this video:
⮕ Keychron K3 Pro:
⮕ Apple Magic Keyboard with TouchID:
⮕ Logitech MX Mechanical Mini:

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00:00 Introduction
00:43 Unboxing
01:09 Form Factor
01:52 Design
03:29 Software
04:21 Sponsor
05:40 Build Quality
06:28 Connectivity
09:21 Battery
09:44 Mechanical Switches
10:35 Nuphy Air75 Typing Sound
10:49 Typing Experience
11:45 Should You Buy It?

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