Hey there! February’s rolling in, and it’s not just about chilly weather and cozy blankets. Can you believe February is already upon us? It’s truly a magical month full of love and new beginnings, where Chinese New Year vibes seamlessly merge with the heartfelt melodies of Valentine’s Day. Picture it as a cultural fiesta with an added sprinkle of romance – that’s the magic we’re stirring into this new year. In this wondrous time of the year we wanted to introduce a Customer Success Ace, George B., in this spotlight entry.

These spotlight series aren’t your typical showcase articles, though; oh no! We aim for ours to be a bit like sitting together and going through the pages of our big FastComet family album. Our stories aren’t just about our skills; Each spotlight is a story waiting to unfold – tales of passion, determination, and the unique journeys that shape our team. They’re about the honest and passionate souls behind the scenes. As we dive into this journey, think: What’s a greater love than the ties we share with family and friends? That’s what makes our team so unique. So, let’s get cozy and unfold the tale of George B.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about a typical day in your shoes at FastComet?

Hello everyone! I’m George B., and I’m excited to share my journey with FastComet. It all kicked off around a year ago, and let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride – in the best possible way. 

So, every day in the hosting universe is like flipping open a new chapter in my life’s storybook. It’s not just about work; it’s about conversing with folks from every corner of the planet. And you know what’s the real kicker? There’s something oddly satisfying about helping people find their way, making those tough decisions easier, and resolving any quirks they throw my way. You throw a question my way, and I’m on it, guiding you through the maze of hosting decisions. It’s a bit like being a digital tour guide – and man, it’s a blast! 

Now, why am I so stoked to be part of this crew? Well, it’s simple. FastComet isn’t just a workplace; it’s like joining a community of folks who know their stuff and love what they do. The excitement of guiding users, the joy of resolving issues, and the satisfaction of being part of something bigger – that’s what makes each day here a bit of an adventure. 

So, here I am, genuinely pumped to be part of this incredible team. No boring corporate speeches here – just real talk and real connections. 

When you’re not glued to your computer screen, what are some of your favorite ways to unwind and recharge?

Oh, the great escape from the digital world! When I’m not in the online hustle, I’m all about soaking up the good stuff in the real world. My go-to? Family time, hands down.

FastComet George B. and Family

I’m talking about those moments that are a mix of chaos, love, and a whole lot of laughter. Whether we’re kicking back at home or spontaneously heading out for an adventure, these moments hit the reset button for my soul.

Are you willing to share something about yourself that people might be surprised to learn, George?

Allow me to share some intriguing facets of my life. From unexpected adventures to meaningful experiences, my journey has been a tapestry of unique moments. I graduated with a “Forensic science” degree from Varna Free University. I had the incredible experience of living near the sea. The rhythmic sounds of the waves, the salty breeze in the air, and the endless expanse of the Black Sea became an integral part of my daily life. Living in Bulgaria’s sea capital offered breathtaking views. It created a sense of tranquillity and connection to nature, leaving a lasting impression on my heart. Also, the sea holds a special place in my heart because I have a special memory etched in it – the day I met my wife near the beach. That spot by the sea will forever hold the sweet beginning of our journey together.

FastComet George B. Love at Sea

What else, what else? Oh, that might be something worth sharing; my family takes great pride in our family business, specializing in crafting high-quality gun stocks, which have been a cornerstone in the community for over 20 years. I’ve had the privilege of contributing to this legacy by assisting my father from time to time. It’s like our special father-son bonding time. 

George, what New Year’s resolution are you most excited about pursuing this year?

My primary New Year’s resolution centers around the health and happiness of my family and friends. I aspire for them to experience good health and well-being throughout the year. Additionally, I’m on a quest this year to create memories that stick. I want to explore uncharted territories with my ride-or-die crew – my wife and son. We’re not just talking about any destinations; we’re aiming for the kind that leaves us in awe and craving more. It’s all about fostering connections, strengthening bonds, and making each day a little adventure.

FastComet George B. Seaside Excitement

What is your favorite cozy winter activity or comfort food during the holiday season?

Winter is like a magical embrace, and our cozy haven is right at home, where we engage in various games with our little son. Nestled near the heart of the enchanting Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, our surroundings add a touch of magic to our winter days. When the season graces us with sunny and mild weather, we seize the opportunity to embark on beautiful mountain walks. These moments become a perfect blend of natural beauty and family bonding. With their scenic landscapes, the Rhodopes provide an idyllic backdrop for our winter strolls, creating serene and delightful memories. The remainder of our time is often devoted to engaging in culinary challenges, a lovely activity my wife and I enjoy. We relish experimenting with various recipes, making our kitchen a haven of creativity and flavors. It transforms into a space where we create delicious meals and share moments of laughter and collaboration.

And speaking of joy, my wonderful wife and precious son are the true gems in my life. Their love and laughter are the spices that make every winter day flavorful. Family is not just a word; it’s the melody playing in the background of our daily adventures.

So here’s to winter – a season of warmth, laughter, and the sweet symphony of family love!

What advice would you give someone considering a tech industry career, George?

Stepping into the tech realm – it’s like entering a universe of endless possibilities. My advice for anyone eyeing a career in the tech industry? 

Embrace the thrill of the unknown. The tech world is a fast-paced adventure, and innovation is the compass guiding your journey. Don’t fear uncharted territories; let curiosity be your constant companion. Embrace the chaos, my friend; it’s where the magic happens and where the learning begins. Nothing here is a one-time thing. Think of it as an all-you-can-eat buffet, and you’re hungry 24/7. You must stay curious, devour knowledge like it’s your favorite snack, and don’t be afraid to try the weird stuff.


Thank you to George for taking the time to regale us with his enthusiasm and stories. We are truly excited to have him on our team as a cornerstone to the success story that are our customers. Let his story inspire you to new heights and strive for success.

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