Your phone is more than just a communication tool; it’s a powerful tracking device, and the SIM card inside is a key reason why.

I don’t actually have a SIM card in any of my phones, and in this video I’ll explain the reasons why.

I’ll also talk about alternative ways that you can still have connectivity on the go without a SIM in your phone, and I’ll dive into the downsides of not having a SIM in your phone.

00:00 Your Phone is a Tracking Tool
01:12 What is a SIM
01:44 Location Tracking
02:36 Covert Data Transmission
06:35 Split Tunneling
08:40 Internet-Only Phones
10:52 Mobile Hotpots
11:28 Benefits of Siloing SIM on a Separate Device
14:28 Calyx Hotspots
16:33 Downsides
18:36 Support the Calyx Institute
20:30 Summary

Having a SIM card in your phone has a lot of privacy downsides. But not having a SIM in your phone definitely has tradeoffs. You’ll have to assess whether this is something that’s right for your life.

Special Thanks to Nick Merrill and David Allan Burgess for lending their time and expertise!

You can learn more about Calyx here:

Previous video in this phone privacy series, explaining how phones without a SIM also talk to cell towers, but why it’s not as extensive:

Thanks to the Mysk team for their important research

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