We put a lot of trust in cloud storage providers, presuming that they’ll keep our data safe. But what if they’re hacked? Or their servers go down? Or what if they decide to just kick us out of our accounts, and we lose all our emails, files, contacts, photos…
There’s another big problem with centralizing all our storage on a single platform: it turns out the whole world is doing it. Most of the world’s data is stored by just 3 companies: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

In this video we’re going to talk about how a handful of companies came to control most of the world’s data, how this could put our data in danger and make censorship easier, and we’ll explore the new world of decentralized storage, allowing control of the internet to be distributed back to individuals.

00:00 The BIG problem with Cloud Storage
02:11 The Move Towards Centralized Storage
04:13 Risks of Data Centralization
07:40 Decentralized Storage Options
10:27 The DJ and the War Crimes
11:44 Conclusion
13:19 WTF

We need to make sure that we are protecting our from loss and censorship. Decentralized storage allows us to return to the ideals of the early internet, that promised a connected world where information flows freely.

Special Thanks to Adam Rose and Matt Hamilton for lending their time and expertise!

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