Showcase of Retro Logo & Badge Designs

Do you love retro looks? Searching for a bit of inspiration for your next graphic design or website project? 1950s-inspired retro design tends to fluctuate in and out of popularity, but the beautiful vintage-inspired look always returns eventually. Usually with a modern twist.

Retro and vintage style is universally appealing for a variety of reasons. For many, it evokes nostalgia for places, TV shows, and posters seen in childhood. And the colorful style, neat and simplistic look, and clean symmetry is pleasing to the eye. You can still find remnants of this style today in logos and branding from many popular companies.

Ready to get in on the retro resurgence? You’re going to need a little inspiration to give you a boost. These fifteen fantastic badges will send you right back to the fifties, so take note!

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Outside Lands 2016 Festival Branding

Red Desert Adventure

Element Skate Camp

O’Neill Graphic Design

Space Shuttle

Mountain Patches

Outside Lands Patch: Golden Gate Park

2 Cents Badge

Peters Design Co Eagle Badge Revised

Portland Badgehunting Club

Broadridge Achievers Club 2019


Cyclist Patch

Grand Teton National Park

Go Atlanta Braves!

Old-School Badge Design

That was fifteen of the greatest retro badges and logos across the web. Bright colors, warm tones, and attention-calling typography are staples of these logos. Also take notice of the focus on simple, clear shapes. You can see where the popularity of minimalism and flat color design has bled into modern vintage style.

With this inspiration, you should now be able to put together your own retro graphic. It might be hard to pick a favorite from one of these drop-dead gorgeous logos and carefully crafted badges. Which ones spoke to you the most?

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