POS Solutions For Retail Market
POS Solutions For Retail Market

In a strong competitive age, Indian retailers are constantly trying to allure more consumers with loyalty programs and other tactics. Remembering this, mobility solutions for the Indian retail sector have designed in-store experiences which comprise of interactive data of their products, incorporating prices and inventories and promotions available at the fingertips of their consumers. Wireless, smart POS devices which contain retailers’ mobile solutions enable their consumers with real-time data. Availability, real-time costs, and promotion on every product are immediately available without asking the sales executive. Some SME retailers acquire business loans from lenders to buy such mobile devices to enhance their customers’ experience.

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Introducing Wireless, Smart POS Devices

Smart POS (Point of Sale) is an in-store solution to maximize operational efficiency and lower the expense of an extra sales counter. Usually, the POS system enables client transactions for being carried by a portable device rather than a conventional checkout register. Maximum retail shops have a fixed POS system, amid the transactional phase when money is got in exchange of products.

Now maximum transactions are done through debit or credit cards over the POS, which contains a computer linked with the device, permitting the merchant to insert/swipe the chip and pin the cards. But the smart mobile POS is a handheld portable machine which functions a similar task, with the benefit of working remotely for the same.

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How Smart Mobile POS Is Revamping India’s Retail Segment

For retaining their business, a merchant must provide a necessary online and in-store experience which offers convenience and value so the consumers don’t go elsewhere. Wireless POS adds exceptional value and improves the in-store consumer experience.

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1. Sell anytime anywhere

Smart POS can facilitate the payment procedure and mitigate transaction times. With this device, salespersons can finish the transaction when a consumer is prepared to buy.

2. Easy to search pricing and inventory

Using a POS system, sales executives can easily check the prices and inventory when asked by a client. With such a portable machine, the salespersons can easily help consumers on demand.

3. Queue busting

Using wireless POS solutions, long waits at the checkout counter are a thing of the past. Client satisfaction is maximized because of the proficient transaction and payment procedure of POS.

4. Versatility

Wireless POS solutions can be utilized as a help desk, return stations, or a cashier.

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5. Email receipts

As smart POS offers the online records of the consumer purchase, they can simply keep track of their shopping records.

6. Easy payments

Mobile POS integration with Android Pay or Apple Pay makes life simpler for the consumer during payment. Sales executives can easily click their card for their or customers’ smartphones. Simpler payment is done with NFC which consists of the card details. NFC technology enhances the in-store encounter of consumers.

7. Safe payment procedure

The completely encrypted transaction is processed without preserving the card information via wireless POS. By utilizing Point-to-Point Encryption, credit/debit card data is encrypted upon the first swipe and then safely transferred to the payment procedure before being processed and decrypted.

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8. Rewarding loyal consumers easily

It’s simple to integrate the merchant CRM system like loyalty with smart mobile POS. Loyalty advantages are provided to the consumers amid purchases by assessing clients’ profiles and past shopping history.

9. Replacement of cash register

Smart POS can replace the cash register and operate with wireless printers and cash drawers. The consumers don’t have the card but can make the payment when buying is complete. The clients can pay via cash with the help of salespeople over the wireless cash drawers.

10. Locating goods in store

Wireless POS can provide consumers with real-time data regarding the store layout and location of goods using the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and location-based services.

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Final Words

Embracing smart POS solutions offers merchants a low-cost solution and flexible pricing models which makes accepting debit/credit cards convenient. Simultaneously, it enables larger retailers to acquire efficiencies, while boosting the in-store buying experience for their consumers. So, there is no doubt that POS revamps the in-store buying experience, causing lowered costs and better operating efficiency. Contact Indifi’s team today if you want to implement the same for your organization by taking up Merchant Cash Advance online.

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