The catering industry is undoubtedly competitive and this competitiveness can make it difficult to develop your business and increase your business finances. So, how will you make your business different amidst the masses and create a catering program that will have people booking your catering business for an event?

Pro Tips to Boost Your Hotel Catering Sales

1. Do creative marketing

Conventional marketing can spread awareness for your catering business but already lots of companies implemented them. So this will not help you be distinct from your competition. Being creative and thinking extraordinary when it comes to marketing will help you feel more reliable with your clients.

2. Build trust with your clients

To get success in the catering industry, you must get people talking regarding your organization. For doing this, you must build trust with your clientele.

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3. Host tasting events

You might know the ways of marketing your catering business through social media and newsletters. But have you thought about hosting tasting events? Making connections with your promising catering clients personally will help them see your presentation expertise and try out your yummy food items. To host a tasting event, first, make a list of promising catering leads like involved couples and corporate prospects. Get in touch with them with a designed, fun email and inform them of the details. When they come, give them an intro of your catering services and delve into every menu item’s details. Don’t forget to prepare takeaway menus, brochures, and business cards for your guests. To get the maximum out of your event, you can provide a discount for the first event they book with your catering business.

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4. Reward customers for submitting referrals

Although repeat business is good, getting new catering clientele will help you develop your business and build your brand. Just leverage your present clients with a referral program. Call or email all clients after delivering their catering orders to see how everything went and whether they loved it. Ask them for sending you referrals when you reach out to them. Also, ensure to make a page on your site dedicated to the referral program that makes it as simple as possible for present clients for submitting referrals.

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5. Accept changing market trends

With time, you must accept the changing market trends to improve your hotel catering trends. Start offering online order taking and food delivery services. This way, you can attract more potential customers easily.

6. Make everything digitalized

To keep an easy workflow, you must make every process digitized from taking orders to serving your clients. Streamline your hotel catering orders the best way so it can save your time and efforts and help increase your sales. Accept online payments to strengthen your business. Use a POS to run your business and augment your catering sales. A POS machine helps you get a detailed report of your hotel catering sales. So, it’s a bonus for hotel business owners. If you have just started your catering business and need funds for buying a POS device, contact us to borrow a Merchant Cash Advance loan right away.

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