In the age of technology, smartphones rule our lives. Everything from a pin to a plane can be summoned over one touch, then why should your customers be left out of the comfort of ordering food online? Food ordering platforms like Zomato have changed the entire game. The app allows restaurants to generate more orders and also helps in delivering them to customers. Partnering with Zomato has become critical in order to offer efficient service and convenience to customers.

Here is how you can sell successfully on Zomato – 

1. Complete the registration

In the first step, you need to get your restaurant listed on Zomato. To do this, drop an inquiry on the company page and a salesperson from Zomato will connect with you. The salesperson will meet you and discuss your expectations regarding the terms of the contract, cost, and orders. After this is agreed upon, contract terms will be finalized and your documents will be reviewed. Zomato takes about a week to list your restaurant. The documents required are FSSAI license, PAN card, canceled cheque, copy of a bill for charges and taxes and identity proof of the owner. 

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2.   Understand the commission

Zomato charges a commission from all the restaurants listed on the portal. The commission depends on how you choose to work. If you are solely listed on Zomato, the commission will be 8% and if you choose to list on other food ordering apps as well, the commission will be 12%. If Zomato also offers a delivery fleet, the commission will be as high as 18%. 

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3.    Share menu and photos

Since your customers will order on Zomato, you need to ensure that you provide a complete menu for them to choose from. Ensure that it includes all those items that are usually available with you. Update the menu as and when you add new dishes to it. Remember to add photos of various dishes so that customers can get an idea about the type of food you serve. You can hire a professional food photographer to click quality images that can be used on the portal. If you are running short of funds, consider applying for a business loan. 

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4.     Offer discounts

Nobody can refuse a discount. Zomato has several offers and promotions that reduce the cost of ordering. However, you can offer special discounts on certain days in order to increase the number of orders. Customers will automatically choose your restaurant over others when they see a fall in price. Do not give steep discounts as it might be against the policy of Zomato. Additionally, do not have an offer running constantly for weeks. Instead, set aside special days when you give offers or discounts to the customers. Always keep the commission in mind before you announce an offer. 

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5.     Ask for feedback

Always ask your customers to share their feedback. This will help you increase sales. Take all feedback constructively. If a customer does not like a particular dish and shares feedback of the same, write back to the customer and offer a special discount on their next visit to make up for it. Any kind of feedback will be useful for your business and you need to take it in the right manner. If there is positive feedback, then you are doing the right thing. However, if there is negative feedback, you need to focus on improving the quality of food, service, and pricing. Pay attention to what your customers are saying because, at the end of the day, the customer is always the king. Word of mouth can help your business grow. With every successful order, reach out to the customer for feedback.

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Due to increasing competition across the industry, no business owner wants to miss out on reaching out to the customers through Zomato. A lot of customers prefer to research their options on Zomato before placing an order. Whether you have a restaurant or are planning to start one, selling on Zomato is always a good idea. It will increase your reach in the market and will grow revenue. No matter what the business is all about, you need fresh funds to be infused into the veins of the business to keep it alive. Your restaurant business has its own specific requirements. Be it marketing, hiring more staff, purchasing new equipment, setting up the restaurant, or just managing the daily expenses, without a steady flow of funds your business can severely suffer amid the growing competition. 

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