When you are working on a project that requires you to transfer files from a local station to a storage server, you will need an upload feature. This is a common task found in most web projects, and Upload.js is one of the fastest methods you can use to add files. Some useful JavaScript libraries are designed to help you utilize the file upload feature on your site. You can use the browser to perform the file upload process seamlessly with the appropriate uploader. Check out these simple file uploading libraries that you can consider using whenever you are working on a project that requires you to upload images to a remote server.


Uppy is a modular JavaScript that can integrate with any application. It has a comprehensible API that can handle the upload process, and you don’t need to add anything. This open-source JavaScript modular file uploader is fast and can fetch files from local discs on your computer storage. You can also use it to access the files you want to upload from remote places like Instagram, Google Drive, Snap, URLs, and Dropbox.

Uppy is easy to use, and it is your best companion since you can use it on the go. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection before you use it. It also has a decent user interface that allows you to preview and edit metadata before you upload it to its final destination. You can also monitor progress when uploading a file, and you will get a notification when the process is complete.

Install Upload.js

Upload.js is a copy-and-paste file upload system that allows you to add a working file to a web app. Before you attempt to use the JavaScript file upload library, you must install the loader on your computer via the script tag. You will need to obtain a code to create a file upload button which you can use on your web page to upload different images. Once you create the upload button, you can try uploading your files, and the result will come with a file ID. You must save the file ID in a safe place since you will need to use it anytime you want to download the file.

The simple upload is neat, and it is designed to be non-intrusive, flexible, and easy to understand. It comes with many features that make it user-friendly, such as multiple uploads, cross-domain uploads, file size filtering, simultaneous uploads, HTML5 Ajax uploads with fallback to iframe, and cancellable uploads. If you no longer want an upload, you can cancel it. The upload plugin also works perfectly well with the drag-and-drop facility.


Dropzone.js is a lightweight and customizable drop-and-drag file upload JavaScript library that can convert an HTML component into a dropzone. You can use the drag and drop function to upload the file via the AJAX query plugin. It supports a variety of advanced browsers, but the drop and drag feature is not compatible with older browsers. When using a new browser, you can track progress, the uploader is configurable, and it can work with any design. You can resize the images before you upload them.

You can use Dropzone Plus if you are not interested in maintaining your server. The solution will take good care of the data. Dropzone is open-source, and it also offers other features like image previews of all the files dragged into the browser. You don’t need a line of code to use this customizable file uploader. It also boasts wide browser support and is trusted by millions of users. All big files are uploaded in small chunks, and the process can take time depending on your browser.

Fine Uploader

The Fine Uploader is written in JavaScript, and comes with many features, including drag and drop, a progress bar, retry, and multiple file loads. When your network is not stable, the upload can fail, but the uploader will continue from the point where it has failed. It does not try to upload a new file, but the chunk that got stalled. When you are about to go offline, you can pause an upload in progress and safely resume from where you left off. You can upload several files at the same time, but you should ensure they are partitioned to increase efficiency. If you upload the wrong file, you can delete it, and the system will allow you to organize your data.

Another outstanding feature of this upload library is that it can upload files to various cloud management systems, such as Amazon’s S3 service. With this, you can bypass local servers and your data will be secure. The uploader allows you to use validation controls on different types of files. You can also upload images from a mobile camera and still enjoy other features like scaling and image previews.

DHTMLX Vault-JavaScript Library

The JS library is easy to use since it has a user-friendly interface where you can use the file drag-and-drop feature to upload different folders. You can check real-time progress when you use this plugin to upload your files to a website. The other notable feature that can help you with your project is the image preview. You can check the quality of the file before it is uploaded. Additionally, you can select pictures from multiple sources, and the uploader can handle them simultaneously.

The interface allows you to filter and sort the files you want to upload from the list. The upload can be canceled anytime.DHTMLX Vault-JavaScript Library boasts handy and fast file upload control you can manage at any stage of the entire uploading process. All you need to do is to browse all the files you want to upload to the web from your computer. Drag and drop the selected images to the zone where they should be uploaded, and the process will start automatically. It is possible to perform the upload manually, but this method can be time-consuming.

You can switch between the grid mode and list mode with image previews. The uploader also gives you the autonomy to manage several files while they are uploading. For instance, you can also determine the custom upload restrictions like the number of files, size, and file extension. You can cancel uploading at any time you wish and clear the folders without losing valuable data. Moreover, you can download all the documents from the server to your computer.

The JavaScript file upload progress bar is another feature that will show you the transfer percentage of each file. You can customize the uploader to show you the estimated time for uploading specific documents. It can also show you the time remaining and other aspects of the progress. The multifunctional toolbar comes with buttons you can use to add files to the vault or clear the entire list. More importantly, this file uploader supports many browsers and frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Angular. There are different guides you can use for each network to ensure your project runs smoothly.

jQuery file upload plugin

JQuery file uploader is available in five versions, including Basic, Basic Plus, Angular JS, Basic Plus UI, and JQuery. The basic plugin only offers an API, but the UI version comes with a user interface plugin. The UI version provides more advanced options than the other one. However, you can select many files and use the drag and drop option regardless of the version you choose. You can also check your progress on the bar provided. When you use an advanced version, you can resize or crop images once you have uploaded them. Furthermore, you can upload big files in smaller pieces.

This file uploader library is compatible with different server platforms like PHP, Python, Java, and others. Again, it can support several browsers like Chrome, IE, Safari, and Firefox. Although it does not have official support, it is well maintained. The other important aspect is that it allows you to add files from multiple folders. The preloaded files can be sorted and updated. A validation code can be added to control the size of any file you upload to the browser. If you want to add more files to your server, you can download them and make all the necessary changes before uploading them again.

Bootstrap file Uploader

Bootstrap file uploader allows you to select many files that you can view and upload simultaneously. The plugin can handle several files at the same time, and you can use it for a project with a lot of images. Some templates will help you control the display options available. The display has three options that include file preview, file action, and file caption. You can add captions to images and adjust them to the right size depending on your work.

Bootstrap can be used for viewing images, text messages, flash, and video files. The rest of the other components are displayed as thumbnails. It also allows you to convert HTML file inputs into advanced picker files. The uploader allows you to handle different types of files, and you can use many tools to adjust them to meet your needs.


This is a visually appealing file upload plugin with a simplified UI, and it is ideal for fancy designs. You can also use it for cutting-edge functions like drag and drop, cropping, validation, and preloading controls. You can use different features to resize different images to suit your requirements. The good thing about these features is that they do not impact the quality of the original picture. Even if it is a large file, you can upload it successfully without compromising its appearance.


Plupload file uploader utilizes HTML5 API and consists of a built-in UI. When uploading a file, you can use the drag and drop feature. The file uploader can break a folder into small, manageable pieces. It can also shrink the image on your side to help you save your broadband. Huge files are difficult to load, so the loader will resize them. It also has filters that allow the file to load as expected. The plugin comes in 30 languages and can load files in different formats.


Resumable.js significantly differs from other upload plugins since it has functionality designed to provide a steady upload of large files. If you are doing a project that requires you to upload huge files, this library is your best pick. In the event of failure when you are uploading a large file, the plugin will retry the process. The good thing about this file upload library is that you will not lose your data when the system is interrupted while busy loading a file.

Large files are difficult to load into different applications since they require fast speeds. When you are uploading a huge folder to your website, make sure your bandwidth is not limited. Resumable.js first splits a large file into small chunks. If a particular component fails to upload, the plug will retry until the entire process is complete. You can also pause the uploading and continue later if you see that the process is delayed. However, you should know that this plugin only supports Chrome 11+ and Firefox 4+.

up2 Uploading Files with Upload.js - A Simple File Upload Library

up2 Uploading Files with Upload.js - A Simple File Upload Library

As businesses of all kinds become more dependent on technology and the digital world, it’s important to have the knowledge and know-how of certain tools and programs. By doing so, you’ll find that the workload and processes run smoothly and become more accurate. Something as simple as uploading a file needs to be done correctly for it to have the correct formatting and file type.

There are several JavaScript libraries you can consider for handling different types of file uploads. Many upload libraries are designed to meet the needs of various users. In this post, we have covered some of the file upload libraries we think are the best, and we have also highlighted the features for each. Whenever you find yourself with the task of uploading files, be sure to check out these libraries. However, your ultimate choice can be a matter of personal preference depending on your programming style.

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