How To Successfully Sell On Petpooja?
How To Successfully Sell On Petpooja?

For the uninitiated PetPooja is a restaurant management software platform. A platform that uses complex and sophisticated technology like artificial intelligence and cloud operations to help restaurant owners keep a watch on their individual restaurant’s performance in real-time. A platform that was started to facilitate online food ordering for corporate customers, PetPooja has come a long way. The Point-of-Sales concept was included later. The reason was to provide Indian restaurants with an integrated platform that allowed for seamless service consolidating operational aspects for dine-in and delivery orders.

Selling using the PetPooja platform 

PetPooja POS

As a restaurant owner, if you are looking to invest in new POS software, PetPooja is a good choice. IT is interactive and engineered with the latest technology. It works fine on Microsoft, Apple, and Android systems. With the cloud feature, the data is stored locally and automatically synced the moment the software system is connected to the internet. It contains user-friendly features that make it a breeze to operate by the end-user. 

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  • An integrated dashboard to enable the manager to view and manage orders.
  • Be it billing for dine-in customers or delivery orders, the functionality is painstakingly consolidated.
  • Inventory module helps track inventory and stock levels with thorough precision.
  • Allows for compliant billing with built-in GST-related and discount-related calculations.
  • It allows the manager to view and manage Tables live and in real-time.
  • The Marketing module helps restaurant managers send promotional emails and SMSs.
  • The Analytics and Report Module provides instant access to key MIS reports.
  • The Menu Module enables all kinds of updations and changes in the menu of the restaurant from a single point. The updations are done then show up at all places, online or offline. Removes duplication of work.
  • Complete integration with online food ordering apps and sites. Customer orders received through these platforms get automatically fed into the restaurant POS with no need for intermediary calls and confirmations.  

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PetPooja Kiosk

A highly intelligent and smart system that is customer-oriented through and through. Using the Kiosk, customers and diners can place their orders from a hardware system. This enables the business owner to use his resources meaningfully and effectively. For the customer, it means being in control with an abundance of flexibility.

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Such a system is powered by artificial intelligence. The kiosk has an in-built recommendation engine that performs the work of the order taker. Completely integrated with the restaurant POS system, the interactive interface helps the customer place their order independently. Once the order is placed it flows through the ecosystem and gets registered in the Point-of-sale software enabling easy billing and order placement. 

Admin App 

This feature of PetPooja is primarily for the restaurant owner and the top management. It places all the authority in the right hands. A single dashboard helps the owner gain meaningful insight into the operations of their business unit. Data related to all aspects of their business are right there in front of them – whether it is about customers, or the inventory or service issues. This centralized App also enables the restaurant manager to update key information from a single point. The app is also used for assigning billing and admin rights to the staff members while the pricing of items, stock in hand across all outlets are visible at a single point.

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Interestingly, PetPooja’s evolvement as a leading restaurant POS system has been a journey where the founders and partners approached angel investors for seed funding in 2011 and then again used funds from HNI’s to raise funds in 2015. OF course, ever since there has been no looking back for the company. For restaurant owners, the PetPooja platform enables them to run their operations cost-effectively by giving them centralized control. A control that can be accessed round-the-clock – that enables them to remain on the top of their business unit all the time!

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