How to successfully sell on PayTm?
How to successfully sell on PayTm?

From shopping to banking, everything these days happens at the touch of a phone screen. Everyone these days owns a smartphone that makes everything accessible on it. One of the domains that have shot up in popularity is the shopping sector. Various companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Limeroad, etc. are giving sellers an opportunity as well as an end to end solutions for advertising and selling their products. Paytm is also one such company that has seen a surge in growth in the recent past. Ensuring that your products reach potential customers is an important part of growing your business. So, how to successfully sell on Paytm? 

  1. Get discovered:

For the customer to make a purchase, it is important to be discovered by them. Some of the best industry practices include: incorporating searchable and related keywords in the product titles, including a comprehensive and easy to understand the description, etc. Use efficient search optimization methods to be found. Participating in the ongoing promotions increases your chance of being discovered by potential customers. Keep your stocks and prices updated. Use an extensive and self-explanatory catalogue to share with customers who are interested to know more. Paytm has a wide range of categories under which your products can get featured.  

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How to successfully sell on PayTm?

Social Media

Share your products and ads on social media handles. The majority of smartphone users also have social media accounts. Advertising your products creatively in a way that they reach users help attract more attention. The advantage of using social media is that the posts are sharable from one platform to another without much hassle. Do not forget to add the share button so that they can be shared by the audience to other people in their circles who are interested. Paytm has a wide presence on social media, which you can use to your advantage. 

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Participate In Promotions

The major advantage of participating in promotions is that you gain new customers and also boost sales. Exciting offers give new customers a chance to check out your inventory and make some purchases. This is also an opportunity to get some rave reviews that help your future customers make a choice. Paytm offers a wide range of promotions such as cashback offers, gift coupons, etc. 

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Stay Updated

For every product available out there in the market, there will also be multiple competitors who are trying to sell similar products. From time to time, compare the quality and pricing of your products so that you have a competitive advantage over other brands or sellers. Paytm keeps coming up with innovative offers and promotions which can help popularize your product. 

Sell what they can buy

A strength for one may be a weakness for another. Keep surveying your competitors to find out what their products lack and yours has. These are the points that have to be mentioned in your product descriptions and reviews. A higher rating gives your customers the confidence to trust the quality and legitimacy of your products. Product shares and mentions can also make a big difference to your sales. Paytm offers you the option of crafting your product descriptions in such a way that your products can outdo competitors. Use this to your advantage. 

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Discount strategies

Offer discounts in such a way that it increases the perceived value of the product that is on sale. Try not to offer discounts of more than 70% as this is a deterrent when it comes to the quality of the product being discounted. Ending the product price with 9 creates an impression that the pricing is less expensive than it is. Mention the MRP rate so that customers know what the actual price of the product. Paytm offers fabulous offers, especially discounts that are too good to ignore. Make your maximum sales using these discount strategies. 

Clubbing products

Clubbing products to be sold as combos is an effective industry practice to promote your sales. Complementary products or other products used with your main product make an effective combination for clubbing. Mention that value for money and how much users are saving by buying the combo rather than separate products. Paytm offers we-clubbed products that can help enhance your customer base. 

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Use high-quality product images

Good quality images give the customer a better idea of the product. Make sure to have separate images to highlight the features and feasibility of your product. It is a good practice not to over-edit and enhances the image, as it may end up looking unrealistic. Paytm allows you to upload high-quality images without downgrading its clarity. This way, customers have a better idea of how your product looks. 

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