How To Increase Restaurant Visibility On Swiggy?

When you partner with Swiggy, there will be a need for a mobile restaurant website. You will need to tell the details of how many outlets are there in the restaurant, what are the first work of the eating joint, the cost for two people, and the type of cuisine the restaurant offers.  

Then comes the legal documents which are required- such as the shop license, the quality certificate, and the PAN card details, along with the menus. The SWIGGY then imparts app training to the restaurant so that the restaurant understands how the SWIGGY app works in toto.

It is called a cashless economy; the partner restaurants are in a food delivery business and called cloud kitchens, this business does not get affected by the pitfalls, which could hamper sit down restaurants. 

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How To Increase Restaurant Visibility On Swiggy?

Online ordering through Swiggy App 

As a restaurant, you should be aligned with the SWIGGY app. An app means you do not have to calculate all orders at the end of every day. The second method of increasing visibility on Swiggy is the method called- cloud telephony. This method involves transferring the call from one number of the restaurant owner to another phone number till the time the request is attended. In this way, it maintains all call logs. 


Your staff should also be kind enough to take orders down when the time comes. Customers should be happy to give away their requests to the team, and there should be no discrepancy. 

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Online menu

The online menu should also be impressive and adequately listed down with all offers that the restaurant is offering. The customer should be able to track the order when he has ordered. 

GPS And Drivers

The person who orders should be able to see the driver on the GPS route that is decided by the restaurant clout. This ensures that the buyer knows the course being taken, and can calculate the time left to reach by estimating it against the landmark where the driver has reached.

Condition of food at the time of delivery

The home delivery group should be able to make sure that the food reaches hot at the ordered destination; the diet should reach the goal in proper condition, and should not have leaked. 

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Now comes advertising, there is social media advertising, email marketing, promotion of a restaurant on apps and websites. 

There is also ‘pay to advertise’, the first paid advertising type is pay per click which means that if a buyer lands on your restaurant ad, clicks on it, and then lands on your restaurant page and orders something, then you have to pay for that ad, then there is the PR which means an advertisement in the newspaper, or a billboard. This is the way the food delivery network Swiggy works, and your restaurant could be more visible on Swiggy if you understand how it works.

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