Boost Your Paytm Visibility With This 5 Proven Steps
Boost Your Paytm Visibility With This 5 Proven Steps

E-commerce makes it unbelievably easy for people to transact online,  spurting the growth of several online sellers. Online seller platforms have also seen a surge in the past decade. 

Amazon and Flipkart apart, now Paytm is the new popular e-marketplace on the block, where online sellers are flocking to, thanks to the cut-throat competition in others. Paytm has experienced an increase in transactions per person from 3 to 18 and also introduced QR code scanning and transfers.

With new sellers seeking refuge here, the competition is going to spike in the coming years. Therefore, it will be prudent to discuss the various strategies that will help you increase your visibility on the platform.

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5 Ways To Help You Boost Your Paytm Visibility

Smart Cataloging Of Your Products:

Featuring your products in the most information-rich and aesthetically likable manner goes a long way. For those who have already used online e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, already know how convenient they find the informational structuring. Taking a cue from that, what you can do as a merchant on Paytm, is you can write a brief, but informative, keyword-rich description of your product in a point-by-point manner. You can add some 3D graphic images that show your product at all angles. This will help set your product apart from other sellers.

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Maintain A Content Network:

The presence of content says that you care for your customers. Buyers are not merely a means to fill in your pockets, but an important component of a symbiotic system. Maintaining a blog is still the best way to not only disseminate information about your products and allied activities, but also an active way of interacting with your current as well as prospective clients. So why not hire a good content marketing team, who can write regular weekly blogs or by-weekly blogs? This can help highlight the best features of your product, implemented changes, product information, changes in platform policies and other such information. This is going to need some significant funding, which you will most certainly be able to avail with a reputed SME funding service.

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Leverage Social Media:

Don’t just limit yourself to Paytm. Expand your business as a pan-internet entity with a presence on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Accumulate as much positive attention as you can. Often talk about issues that span beyond your core area of interest and try to engage your readers in the comment sections. This could include festive posts, important events such as national-level financial decisions, general consumer market-related events, etc. All of these posts will link somewhere to your merchant page on Paytm where readers can be converted into buyers. Also, do not underestimate the use of hashtags and keywords.

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Take Complaints Seriously:

Bad experiences lead to complaints. Primarily, no merchant on any e-commerce platform should have to face this scenario. However, although having a minimum level of complaints is always desirable, never ignore or mishandle the complaints by your clients. First judge whether the complaint is legible and is following the rules and regulations of your policies. Keep all means of communication such as inbox messages, email, and phone numbers ready and manned so that the complainant’s message is accessed and addressed on time. Customers, despite a slightly bad experience in the service, are more likely to come back if the redressal of their complaints has been swift and sincere.

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Top-Notch Customer Support:

Customer support has to be a top priority for any e-commerce business. Among 100 customers, there will be 50 who would like to get some information or lodge a complaint about the service. Customer support provides them a vent or release and soothes their anxiety over the service quality. Although it isn’t necessary, it is advisable to have a functioning phone line to address customer complaints immediately if it is possible for you to maintain and man the infrastructure. 

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And To Conclude…

It would be prudent to say, don’t be a mere merchant, but a strategist on Paytm. This approach is very likely to make your service is well-known for its responsiveness. However, being a strategist also requires funds, and that’s where Indifi comes into the picture. Indifi helps small and medium-sized businesses to propel their activity and presence, thus, helping them inch towards success. Indifi can help you finance buying the services of professional social media and client management services.

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