Retaining Customer Loyalty Through Flipkart
Retaining Customer Loyalty Through Flipkart

If you have a business which is flourishing at the physical location as well as in the digital space, it is indeed a successful one. However, the key to your successful business lies with the loyalty of your customer whether he or she is visiting you at the store or through online platforms like Flipkart.

We know you have invested a lot of time, money and effort into taking your business to the level it is at today. And we also understand how important it is for you to not only grow your customer base but also retain it. So, for you to thrive, here are some fine techniques of retaining customer loyalty through Flipkart from Indifi.

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Techniques Of Retaining Customer Loyalty Through Flipkart.

Flipkart – The Digital Bridge

It is true that Flipkart is an independent platform but it cannot be denied that it is made up of a variety of components and a major share goes to the sellers it is associated with. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are into, you can sell it with Flipkart. What matters the most for a seller like you is whether you are looking forward to gaining loyalty from thousands of customers across the country or not.

If the answer to that question is yes or you are already a registered seller with Flipkart then retaining customer loyalty can be made easy. All you’ve got to do is get a thorough read of the tips provided, implement them and see your loyal customer base increasing.

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Tips To Retain Customer Loyalty

Set your geographical reach:

Though Flipkart has a country-wide reach and that makes your product reachable to the potential customer 24*7 but you need to take one step at a time. It will require a lot of manpower, management and energy to take orders from the entire mainland and then bear the shipping as well. Yes, the widened reach is an added advantage but establish a stronger zone for yourself and learn from what the people within your reach have to say about your stepped-up game. Because covering the offered customer base at once will spread your focus too thin and your aim is to retain customer loyalty which will happen if you concentrate at a certain region and then begin to expand.

The feeling of satisfaction:

Since the product has been ordered in the vicinity of you as a seller, you know how to arrange for the best material and the time frame to deliver it. And once a customer has placed an order with Flipkart, he or she is eager until it is delivered. Hence, timely delivery with a high-quality product and reasonable price will put up your name as a satisfying seller for the customer. And that’s great, you’ve taken the most successful step towards retaining customer loyalty.

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Ask for feedback:

Although, you know that your product was the best in the area at the most affordable price but it will be great if everyone in your chosen geographic area knew that. And this will be best put up by a customer who has already made a transaction with you through Flipkart and is satisfied as well. Once the review and rating of you, as a seller is made public, it assures and attracts a potential customer. Not just that, an existing customer is also more likely to buy from a previous seller who has also been rated well by other buyers as well. So, make sure for each order you take, you receive a rating and retaining customer loyalty.

Communication is the key:

As you know that all your selected products are available through Flipkart, so is the user experience of each customer and order you have been involved with. All this information is made public, even to you. So, make sure you take note of what the customer appreciates, what are the expectations and if possible, always manage to reply and answer queries coming from the customers. It will build trust among all the loyal customers you have to convey that you care for their trust in your product.

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The final word

Indeed the reach has widened with digital shopping platforms like Flipkart and your business is running 24*7, yet every order is essential and so is every customer. Your continuous efforts to meet the quality standards and the stringent deadlines have made you a valuable seller and that is the major contributor in retaining customer loyalty through Flipkart.

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