How Amazon’s Amazing Tech Can Help Your Business
How Amazon’s Amazing Tech Can Help Your Business

Going Beyond Product Delivery, Amazon Brings You Some Smart Tech

In the age of IoT and AI, where tech behemoths like Google and Microsoft are constantly innovating with their current products as well as bringing newer ones, Amazon couldn’t stay far behind. Amazon is currently testing robots and automated warehouses which are slated to become common technologies in the near future. However, they already have launched certain technologies that can significantly help your business in easing up its operational process.

Let’s take a look at some of them that can prove to be good add-ons for your business:

Amazon Brings You The Best Of Its Top Tech With These 6 Technologies

Amazon’s journey post its decision to expand began with acquisitions. However, the company is seeing an indigenous tech development wave, which is being received quite successfully by many. 

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Amazon Ring:

Amazon Ring is not merely a product, but an entire company which it acquired for $1.8 million. This home security product can double-up as to look after your business installations. The system operates in a very traditional manner. Your business facility will be installed with a network of security devices such as sensors and cameras at various points. These remote locations will be monitored from a center, which can most likely be a manager’s cabin or even be taken to movable devices like smartphones, whose access will be granted only to a chosen few. 

So basically it’s a premise’s monitoring service that utilizes smart devices to monitor business environs. The tech is also likely to utilize AI and thermal imaging in some of its devices. So if your business is very sensitive/prone to intrusion, use the Amazon Ring to monitor your business premises (or your warehouses).

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This hardly needs any introduction. Alexa is one of the most advanced virtual assistants (apart from Google Assistant) that is available today. Although, it can be fun for casual home use, you can repurpose the service by constantly feeding it information relevant to your business by merely voicing your commands. You can use it to set reminders, book events, and give you information about various aspects of business such as stocks, current affairs or client status. 

Let’s not forget that Alexa is not merely a bunch of software made to mimic a real assistant, but is rather a whole AI package that learns on the go.

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Amazon Dash Button:

Filling up stocks around your office space can be a daunting task. You cannot do away with hiring an office workman or two, who will take care of the basics, which only adds up to your operational costs. Here’s a unique idea by Amazon. You put these buttons around your office space which have the logo of companies that provide a certain service/product such as a button with the ‘Coca-Cola’ logo. 

When you push a ‘dash button’, it sends a signal to the Amazon Prime system, which works like magic to restock that product/good. So if your office doesn’t have enough mint in its candy vending machine, just push the button. However, to use this product, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime.

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Caveat: This product helps only if your service/product is relatable in some way to Millennials or Gen Z’ers. Twitch is a cloud-based platform where popular gamers can live stream their games for their fans to watch live. The revenue model is simple. While they watch their favorite gamers play on Twitch, you can go on about marketing your business on the platform, just how it is done on YouTube. This model is also known as ‘Twitch Marketing’. 

So here’s the caveat in a bit of detail. If you are a financial group or an auto-repair chain, you are most likely not going to make a lot of hay through this. However, if you are getting into electronics sales or any kind of business that caters to the aforesaid age bracket, you will do well.

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Amazon is taking great strides in developing tech, therefore it would be prudent to identify the nature of each technology and understand how it can be used for your benefit.

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