Powering Business Through Technology From Swiggy
Powering Business Through Technology From Swiggy

If we see how Swiggy has come over its rivals through technology we have to applaud its interface that is the best among all the other food delivery apps. All the tech teams of Swiggy operate for the restaurant partners, delivery executives and coordinate seamlessly for smooth distribution to its users.

Next, they bet their technology on the data that was created through cookies and caches collected from their users and personalize it to make it easier for the users to navigate it than its competitors. Subsequently, Swiggy invested in setting up kitchens in areas where there was less accessibility. The idea of food being delivered in places where the restaurants had no reach gave it an edge to become popular. Although Swiggy was not the only app that zeroed in on the cloud kitchens, they were the first ones to actually perfect the model.

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With all these technological feats, Swiggy made it possible that users could reach out for any food joint of their choice from almost any part of the city. A couple of years ago, Swiggy started using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match the demands of the consumer in a better way. These new techniques can read and assume the trends of the market as well as the consumers to deliver an experience that is based on their pattern of usage.

A machine learning model can classify one food from another helping them cutting down the ordering and delivering time. With these classifications, the content of the dishes is being inspected on their own to improve the time factor while delivery. It can also sort the customers based on their affordability and price value. For example, if an order is processed from a restaurant and it would take roughly 30 minutes to prepare. Through the ML techniques deployed by Swiggy, they can differentiate between two orders and the amount of time it will take for two dishes to be ready so that they can put accurate estimates on the time front.

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Also, with the classification of time, Swiggy also concentrates on the classification of the meals and dishes that the restaurants have to offer. They work with the companies to get all the recipes into their database and mine and build data that works hand in hand with the restaurants giving everyone the satisfaction of an experience that is technologically at its par.

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Now, that Swiggy is moving well with its AI, ML and a huge database it is venturing into a business adjacently with their newest Swiggy Stores, it’s leaping even faster ahead of its competitors and it is evident that in no time this company is going to reach the zenith distributing quality and affordability to its consumers with each coming day.

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