Retaining Customer Loyalty Through Zomato
Retaining Customer Loyalty Through Zomato

With people having different kinds of taste buds and your restaurant having all kinds of dishes to soothe them, it can be the major reason that you have great customer loyalty. But with more and more food joints opening around, it might be tough to maintain customer loyalty and that is where Zomato can help you. So let’s find out how you can retain customer loyalty through Zomato.

Why Zomato for retaining customer loyalty?

We all love to try new outlets of restaurants around us and taste the chef’s specialty. However, we often come across the names of such restaurants through friends or by spotting then randomly while traveling.

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Ways to retain customer loyalty through Zomato

The use of technology: Zomato came up with a unique idea and made it a success with people’s demand to have everything at their fingertips. They have collected information about the long-running and successful chains and even listed the new entries of the restaurant industry. Now when people need to step out of their homes to enjoy one of the finest dining places, Zomato had made the quest easier.

Even you can list your restaurant on the website, it will be listed on the website as well as the app. Additionally, ask your customers to provide a valuable rating based on their experience on the partner’s platform and see the customer visitation and customer loyalty soaring high.

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No more queues

When it happens that people visit a restaurant during peak hours, there is a pressure on the kitchen, staff and the manager to accommodate all the customers and their orders within the stipulated time frame. But all this can be improved with Zomato’s online booking system.

Once you have received an online reservation, you get a heads up on how many guests are going to show up, at what time and what would their choice of food will be i.e. veg or non-veg. All this information received in advance will help you as a restaurant manager to serve the customer with your best efforts and indeed the word will be out for your great food and services.

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Offers as incentives

  It is a good faith that people will pay for the services offered by your restaurant with a smile once you’ve met their expectations. But they will be even more delighted that as a valued customer you are happy to offer them a discount.

They can be given on a minimum bill amount, for making an online reservation, for a number of guests or for publishing a review. Not only this will make sure your restaurant is more appealing but it will definitely retain customer loyalty through Zomato.

Pay attention to the feedback

There are instances when people are head over heels in love with your restaurant and there will be certain instances where some of the expectations are not met. And since we are getting used to with the technology, it will go online in no time. It is therefore important to pay attention to each and every feedback received and even respond to them to give your customers an assurance that you value them.

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For a cherry on the top, you can offer some discount to them and help retain customer loyalty with Zomato and even impress some other to visit yours because they know you value customer and feedback both.

It is a tough market in the restaurant industry and customer loyalty and retention is what makes your business going. So in order to keep thriving, stay on the same page as your customer and let them know you value them. Making use of technology will only help you to reach out to the existing ones and even more of them as well.

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