Retaining Customer Loyalty Through MakeMyTrip
Retaining Customer Loyalty Through MakeMyTrip

In the digital age that we live in, everything is accessible with two taps on your smartphone. Owing to such a scenario, hardly anyone adopts the conventional methods, considering the convenience, ease, and flexibility that online websites and apps provide, not to mention the competitive prices.

Websites like MakeMyTrip have proved to boost the sales of travel companies, hotels, and flight/bus services associated with them. The website has a portal on which it offers travel packages and services relating to travel. It is a constantly growing platform and it is beneficial not only for the customers but also for the companies involved. They help build a stronghold on customer base, subsequently increasing revenue.

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How To Retain Customer Loyalty Through MakeMyTrip


With a brand name like MakeMyTrip, customers tend to incline towards running offers and schemes that help them get more for less. These initiatives by the company attract more people to keep coming back and refer their friends and family, thus maintaining the flow of business. Lucrative offers make the business flourish more in comparison to the little investment it requires in terms of a commission to the website.


Good marketing is important for your business since it allows healthy growth and more people getting to know about you. With so much competition all around, it gets difficult to keep up with having a presence known. A constant flow of customers viewing your company on the website helps them in knowing your business. They have a sophisticated technology that works on an algorithm that helps garner more audience to get to know about your page. They also direct customers to some basic knowledge about your company, thereby building their trust in you.

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Being a brand name, it can be relied on to be used by all kinds of customers and give a wide range of access to your company. The payments to your company are expected to be cleared on time, and assistance be provided to the company and its staff if need be. It is very important that the partner company is reliable and dependable so as to have someone to vouch for you when an issue pops up but also calls you out for good if the need arises.


It helps in knowing what your customer is looking forward to since the algorithm processes and directs the customers on the basis of their cookies and search history. This also includes an average of customer choices and current trends so as to alter your working accordingly. Bookings once made with you will automatically come under the ambit of the preferences of the users thus promoting you even after the dealing. Similarly, they help in building market value for your company by aligning you towards opportunities that will benefit you.

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MMT claims to have satisfied over two million customers along with acclaiming respect in the industry. It gives a platform through its updates and investments in the website and app, to have a well-structured, growing market that allows your customer base to expand and for your company to grow as a whole. You can be involved with travel packages or exist on your own, each being a different tangent of growth depending upon what the main purpose of your company is.

With such a wide customer base and value, MakeMyTrip is beneficial to all of its partners throughout India and abroad. It is through these partners that it runs itself so efficiently and smoothly. Their customer approach is also quite appropriate and rules are neither too light nor too strict, making it ideal for both travellers and service providers.

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