PayTM’s First Steps to Retaining Customer Loyalty
PayTM’s First Steps to Retaining Customer Loyalty

PayTM has been around since 2010, and provides crores of Indians with a mobile payments platform to make payments instantly at zero cost. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in India with 450 million registered users stand as the testimonial for its success. People happily welcomed this concept of making payments without using cash. With PayTM payments can be made or received and shopping can be done with just a click on the smartphone. Businesses have also gone with the flow and implemented solutions to incorporate PayTM in their payment transactions.

Seamless payments, simplified tracking of transactions, real-time notifications for payments received, no headaches of long queues or loose change – the list of benefits a business gains from partnering with PayTM are plenty. But, the one that tops the list is the opportunity to build a loyal customer base through PayTM First, the latest offering from PayTM.

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PayTM First – A loyalty program where everyone gains

‘PayTM First’ is a subscription-based loyalty program which is similar to the Amazon and Flipkart loyalty programs. Through this program PayTM aims to build and retain a loyal customer base.  Since its launch, this program has received a huge reception from the public.

Rewards are irresistible; this age-old human psychology is the key concept behind this program. Of course, people cannot resist freebies. By offering irresistible rewards and encouraging repeat purchases, PayTM is expecting to see tremendous growth in its loyal customer base. Here are some of the attractions that this program has for its customers. 

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PayTM First – You get subscriptions, memberships, cash backs and a lot more

Launched in March 2019, PayTM First has already created a buzz in the market. To provide customers with the best rewards experience, it has partnered with the major players in numerous verticals like streaming video and music, shopping, lifestyle, food, and travel. The notable partners of the program are Zomato, Gaana, Eros, Sony, and Liv. 

This program is all about goodies and freebies to keep customers happy.  They get a number of exclusive benefits from the brands that have partnered with PayTM. A ‘Zomato Gold Membership’, ‘Annual Sonyliv Subscription’, ‘ViU Premium’, ‘OYO Wizard – Blue Membership’, ‘Eros Now Annual Membership’, cashback benefits, priority privilege, and endless entertainment are a few interesting offers the customers get from PayTM First. It has been launched at a low price of Rs. 750 and there is tempting cashback of Rs. 1,500 when you opt for the membership. The customers also have an added benefit of availing Rs. 100 cashback each month when booking movie tickets. 

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A PayTM First subscription provides benefits to enjoy on Uber and Uber Eats purchases, a service that is used by most common people.  This loyalty program offers Rs. 6,000 worth of Uber benefits, and Rs. 2,400 worth of Uber Eats benefits. You have something in the clothing section as well. For women’s formals, ‘Ombre Lane’ has extended offers worth Rs. 6,000 and there are offers on the products of ‘The Man Company’ worth Rs. 2,400.  The partner offers of this model are estimated to be more than Rs. 12,000 and this is a huge attraction for the customers. When these memberships are purchased individually it is going to cost quite a bit and this is the main attraction of the rewards section of PayTM First.

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There is still more for customers of PayTM First to celebrate. They can enjoy exclusive offers on PayTM Mall and avail the benefits such as unlimited and free shipping on a priority basis and a dedicated 24X7 customer support. PayTM First is all set to extend its reach and has made itself available on Android.

By partnering with PayTM the businesses get to add more loyal customers to their base without putting any effort into it. This program has taken its first steps towards the challenging task of building customer loyalty and going by the current reception it has received, you can expect it to grow further and to partner with more business gaining a plethora of customers as well.  

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