Marketing Hacks – Top Hacks To Attract And Retain Customers On PayTM

Marketing Strategies

‘Digital India’ is not merely a buzzword, but a reality taking shape daily, right from the small towns to big metros in the country. Although India has a long way to go to become an economy that transacts mostly digitally, the process has already begun. 

PayTM is one of the topmost cashless transaction platforms used here, so much so that even vegetable vendors can be seen having their PayTM QR code notice outside their shops. Therefore, if you are a merchant fishing for customers on PayTM and want maximum traction for your business, it’s not going to be easy. However, with a few smart hacks, you can surpass competition to an extent and attract and retain customers.

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Break Loose And Fish Out Customers On PayTM With These Effective Marketing Hacks:

Promote Your Business On PayTM:

PayTM offers merchants with Promote with PayTM service whereby merchants can market their services and their offers through push notifications and mobile messaging. In this system, frequent customers who are located within 10 kilometres of radius around the merchant, will see posts on their PayTM App, under the section “favourite stores”.  This service has been known to help promote the business by marketing the merchant’s business offerings to their customers only at Rs 99 per month. The service is very helpful for PayTM merchants who have steady and loyal customers.

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Good Old Social Media:

Assuming that most of those who make cashless payment are also social media savvy, marketing your business on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest would be a prudent idea. Especially, if you are a small business like a beauty salon, apparel shop or even a fast-food shop/eatery you should take your business to social media. With this method, you are most likely to appeal to a certain age demographic on the platform. Here, you can focus on the marketing of how your business supports cashless payments and thus, is very convenient for those who are less likely to carry around cash.

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Google-List Your Business:

This is perhaps a very common marketing method for small and medium businesses. All you need to do here is to create a Google Business Account, replete with all sorts of information about your business along with using the right keywords and other such information that the client will find useful. Then, you can locate your business on Google Maps, pin it and claim the location for yourself. It would be preferable if you mention that your business is open to receiving cashless payments through platforms like PayTM which would be an add-on advantage to your Google Business profile page.

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Create A PayTMmall Account:

PayTMmall is an e-commerce platform owned and run by PayTM. If you are comfortable with arranging for the delivery logistics, you should certainly start selling on PayTMmall. Although, there is no facility for merchants to write blogs or similar write-ups on this platform, what you can surely do is write product descriptions in the most detailed and content-rich manner. You can also use the most searched keywords which can help you pin down customers looking for services/products in your field.  Make sure that your business gets maximum traction out of customers in your local perimeter as well as beyond.

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Offers That They Can’t Refuse:

Make offers to clients that they would have to think twice before refusing. For example, if they buy a product in pairs, they can avail an offer which gets them x% discount on the purchase and another product for free. These offers are usually helpful to repeated customers and they can further help to maintain their loyalty to your business. As customers begin to avail of these offers, its information spreads by word-of-mouth which in turn attracts new customers to your business. However, here is a caveat. If the offers are not translating into quantitative returns for your business, they are most likely not working for you. 

These marketing hacks for attracting clients on PayTM will certainly help you to propel your business to the next level. However, promoting a small business even online takes time and hence, there will be a buffer time where your business will be in the process of build-up. It will take anywhere between one year to two years for your small business to start making serious traction online with these methods. 

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