Powering Business through Technology from Paytm
Powering Business through Technology from Paytm

Paytm is not simply a payment processing platform. But it has evolved with an intricate architecture where each service is like a product. From recharge and UPO to Wallet and P2P/P2M/B2B payments – all these categories allow the users to easily access various products while integrating them all within the App. This is why Paytm is able to maintain and grow its customer base effectively.  

Paytm is now diversifying its ecosystem by introducing a unique cloud-based Store Suite where business can be powered through technology. The retail technological advantage to Indian businesses will not be offered through Paytm which includes cashback, EMI options, bank offers and extended warranties for its customers.  

Paytm is also planning to invest Rs 500 crores in early start-ups that are engaged in building technologies that will complement and enhance their digital system. There are various reasons why businesses should leverage the Paytm Smart Retail platform for driving their business, some of which are enlisted hereunder:

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Reasons Why Businesses Should Leverage The Paytm Smart Retail Platform

For Ensuring that Business Decisions are Smart and Effective

This platform ensures that your business performance is gauged and regular and detailed reports are presented to you that contain business transaction trends and well as an exhaustive analysis of the same.  You will also receive tailored invoices that can also be sent as digital invoices. 

Easy Inventory Management

Managing the inventory and keeping track of it in real-time and ensuring prompt stock replenishment is a herculean task.  Paytm has simplified all this with technology as it maintains the log details of inventory transfers- whether it is between stores or between warehouses and stores.  Everything is accurately

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Customer Satisfaction and Relationship-building

You can be ensured that engagement with customers is maintained on the basis of their purchases.  By extending offers to the customer like cashback, brand promotion, loyalty points etc. the offerings are personalized. This ensures a steady loyalty and growth of the customer base. 

Team Flexibility

Since there is no restructure on the user figures, it is possible to extend extending team employees privileges based on roles and assign them to different stores as and when required.  

Regular Vendor/Purchase Updates

By tracking payment status and the purchases, it will not only be easier to become profitable in the business- but it will be equally easier to manage vendors and get the latest updates.  

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Multiple Payment Options and Integrations Choices

Your business is assured to gain the most through the diverse Paytm ecosystem- whether it is Wallet or the Paytm Mall, besides the various other choices.  You can also customise it for aligning with in-house software and ERP.

Comprehensive Smart Retail Dashboard

It becomes easier to access the real-time data of your business from any place, at any time- whether you have access to the Internet or not.  This way, you can get uninterrupted daily reports through emails that indicate the performance of your store.  

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Various Offers and Deals

The Paytm platform will provide your business exclusive access to various exciting offers that run quite regularly throughout the year. This is a great advantage for businesses.

Marketing Advantage

Precision and effective marketing is the greatest tool for an emerging business.  Paytm not only helps you to increase your visibility on various platforms but it also successfully helps you to garner more customers through impactful marketing.

This platform is optimal for business as it provides instant activation of the account, without any documents. The bank transfers are either made instantly or on the following business day- making payments smooth and hassle-free. The payment portal is secure as there is an Anti-Fraud Technology in place with 128-bit encryption and is PCI-DSS compliant.

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Moreover, Paytm’s Smart Retail Platform is extremely beneficial for your employees as well. It has smart offerings like the Food Wallet-where you can provide tax-free food allowance to employees; Paytm Cash-  where you can transfer cash digitally to employees through the user-friendly dashboard and Paytm Gold which is a quick, transparent and convenient way for gifting 24 Karat Gold to you customers, partners or employees through digital transfer.

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