Best Ways for Hiring People for Travel Agencies

Hiring People for Travel Agencies
Hiring People for Travel Agencies

The travel and tourism industry and the associated sectors are about to experience significant growth in the upcoming years. People find such jobs quite interesting and adventurous. This industry also pays a handsome amount to those who are hired. It is estimated that millions of opportunities will be created in this sector by the year 2025. Even the initiatives of the government are supporting enterprises in the sector, that ensures a promising future for all who are interested in building a career in the field.

Since our country has diversified geography, it makes the country a highly potential one for such a sector and thus a huge amount is generated through the tourism industry. This means more job openings and a spike in the employment rate in the field. Operating as travel agents, providing customer service at the international and domestic airports, working as a holiday consultant, event manager, tour operator, working in tourism departments of various private as well as government sectors are some of the endless career opportunities available for interested candidates in the sector.

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So, now the question is how to hire people for travel agencies which form the backbone of the travel and tourism industry.

Ways for Hiring People for Travel Agencies

Experience in the concerned field

Since travel and tourism is the biggest foreign exchange earning industry and includes government tourism departments and huge multinational companies as well, the candidate who is being hired for the position has to be experienced enough to deal with everything.

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Undergraduate courses in the travel and tourism

Various colleges and universities offer diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees in the field. Even certain institutions offer distance learning courses and certifications, making the candidates eligible to be hired by the industry. The undergraduate courses can be pursued by someone even after completing class 12.

Destination management, airline ticketing, travel administration, tourism and travel management are some of the courses that can be pursued depending on one’s interest to get a degree or certification.

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Hire candidates with postgraduate courses in tourism

PG courses in tourism have been approved by the Ministry of Tourism in India and are a full-time program for 2 years that help the candidate get a degree in Master of Tourism Administration(MTA). Indian Institution of Tourism and Travel is one of the universities where such a course can be pursued.

With a postgraduate degree, a candidate becomes eligible to be hired for managerial and administrative positions after undergoing a short term training by travel agencies.

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Candidates who have taken vocational courses

Such candidates are also suitable to be hired as they have a B Voc degree. There are various such short as well as long term courses available in travel and tourism. For example, for fieldwork, there is a Certificate in Tour Operations & Destination Marketing that makes a person knowledgeable and suitable for the same.

Candidates with certain skill sets

Before hiring, one has to check if the candidates know about computer reservation systems, ticketing, Airfares, language skills, is capable of handling foreign currencies, travel agency management, and the geographical knowledge of travel and tourism as all these are necessary qualities a person must have to be hired.

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They should be aware of the global culture along with various aspects of the travel business, Knowing how to ensure customer satisfaction is a must, especially when handling large volumes of business. Confidence is an essential quality that they must possess to handle everything efficiently through the use of their interpersonal skills.

When candidates know a foreign language it becomes an added advantage. They must never be hesitant to work for long hours when needed. Apart from this, being updated with the rules and regulations regarding booking of the tickets, reservation, visas, passports, fines wherever necessary for the paperwork, is required.

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With all the skills detailed above, a candidate can serve an agency in the best way when hired and even has a bright future in the field. You must know that the salary in this industry is quite lucrative when the candidate has the skills and put their efforts to give their best performance.

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