The e-commerce industry has witnessed remarkable growth within the past few years. It has completely transformed the way of business in India. The sellers have experienced ease in reaching out to consumers. India is poised to become the third-largest consumer market behind the US and China. With this great consumer market comes a great opportunity to merchandise the product applying strategies by choosing the correct mediums and platforms.

Although, there are a number of online platforms where you can merchandise your product but Flipkart has proved to be the best marketplace from all. Here’s the best ways how you can merchandise your product on Flipkart.

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Best Way To Merchandise Products On Flipkart

Merchandise your product with Product Listing Ads

In this competitive market merchandising or promoting your product has become difficult especially when every third seller is coming up with something new either in its product or in its campaigning strategy. Flipskart’s Product Listing Ads helps generate more leads and increase sales while driving traffic to your product. Flipkart on its app shows your product in the “Featured Products” list where customers with similar interests can find your product easily. The more clicks you get, the higher are the chances of getting the product sold. The product listing ads increase the visibility of your product and help you to reach out to the consumers easily boosting your sales.

Enhance your sales through Spike Sales:

Spike Sales are the events of Flipkart which brings online marketers or sellers under one roof. It is an exciting shopping offer season where sellers can participate in the event and market their product at a discounted rate. This can generate huge traffic to the website as well as the mobile app. Such lead generation and sales can be done with minimal effort and enthusiasm. This event will also help you to increase sales by promoting your product categorically in an effective manner.

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Become a Flipkart Advantage seller:

Flipkart Advantage helps you to track the product right from booking, packaging, shipment to delivery. Here Flipkart offers you to stock your product in their warehouses with quality checks by experts and delivery. 

Smart Cataloging and Designing

While browsing, buyers come across a number of products but are not gratified by the product. So, convincing a buyer to buy your product by maintaining a proper catalogue to merchandise and market your product is essential. 

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A well-crafted catalogue with detailed description and creative writing helps you build trust with the buyer. Flipkart even allows you to upload a demonstration of your product which also helps the buyer in understanding how efficiently your product works. You should be well-assured that your product is listed in the proper category and sub-category so that buyers could easily find your product and traffic can be generated towards your product.

High-Quality Product and Great Packaging

Advertising is all about how you market and package your product. Good packaging creates an impact on the customer which enhances their buying experience. The quality of the product makes sure how the buyers are going to respond to you on your product.  There are around 50% – 60% buyers who expect the product must be of fine quality and hardly 5% to 10% of people expect to receive the product in premium packaging, so investing in packaging can increase your sales.

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Well, a proper ad campaign can lead you to successful sales of your product. Planning, strategy, and execution are a part of running an ad campaign on any of the platforms. The schemes and facilities to the sellers provided by Flipkart are commendable. Sellers must wisely decide when to invest and where to not. Indifi believes in helping small businesses grow by offering loans to those that have potential and intent.

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