How-Excellent-Reviews-On-Petpooja-Can-Lead-To-Increased Business?
How-Excellent-Reviews-On-Petpooja-Can-Lead-To-Increased Business?

Times have changed, and so has the eating out trends of Indian consumers. Dining out is no longer limited to special occasions, but a part of the modern lifestyle. Rapid urbanization, the influence of technology, an increase in wages, changes in spending behavior and more factors has facilitated this transition.

As per the data revealed by the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), the affordable casual dining restaurant segment in the country is growing at a staggering rate of 41% annually. An average Indian eats out six times in a month, as per NRAI. As a result, restaurants are sprouting out in large numbers and adopting tech-enabled tools to stay ahead of the competition. The advent of online lending platforms like Indifi, has further helped business owners to raise funds and grow their business.

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A topping of technology

Around the globe, restaurant operators continue to embrace newer technologies to fit the needs and demands of the changing market best. From leveraging restaurant management software to digital inventory tracking, introducing self-order kiosks to using face recognition technology, there are many tech-enabled ways for restaurants to increase business now. The advent of technology has truly revolutionized the restaurant industry over the last decade.  

In the current scenario, a comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) system has become inevitable to restaurant operators to keep in pace with the changing market demands. For restaurant managers, there are multiple things at play such as managing table orders, receiving online orders, checking the inventory status, communicating exact requirements of consumers, etc. to name a few. It becomes more challenging to manage job responsibilities during peak hours in the outlet or when it is crowded. That is where a POS system becomes a boon for restaurants as it helps to manage daily operations flawlessly and improve the overall efficiency.  

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In India, Petpooja is one of the top-rated restaurant management software and POS systems that address the pain points of managing a restaurant. By leveraging this artificial intelligence-powered technology platform, restaurants can grow their business and enhance the customer experience. Irrespective of the size and volume of business, PetPooja allows users to make subsequent improvement in the service based on real-time operational data and thus ensure better customer satisfaction. Listed below are a few ways by which reviews in Petpooja help you increase business. 

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Instant feedback for improvement 

Analysing business data points and deriving meaningful insights to make improvements is necessary for the growth of your business. With the unified dashboard of Petpooja, data related to all aspects of the restaurant management is available at a single source. Thus the users get access to customer data, inventory status, and service-related issues on real-time. Also, it comes with automated report generation capability for quick analysis. In a nutshell, Petpooja offers a larger room for improvement in the operational aspects of the restaurant.  

Improve Inventory Management 

For any restaurant, inventory management is a constant challenge when it is done manually. Petpooja helps to integrate the inventory data into a digital platform and makes the whole process easier and cost-effective. It is common knowledge that most of the restaurants derive 80% of their profit from 20% of the stocks. With this POS system, you can easily segregate the inventory based on customer reviews, food costs, demand, seasonal factors, etc. In fact, you can discover opportunities to cut down costs and increase your business while addressing customer demands and expectations.  

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Improve customer loyalty 

With Petpooja, you get a single unified dashboard that helps to manage restaurant orders and online orders. Since the manual intervention is limited, there is no scope for errors in orders and delivery. Moreover, it avoids unnecessary delay in delivering the order. Accordingly, you can expect higher customer satisfaction and increased business with a comprehensive POS solution provider like Petpooja. It can be integrated with the online food delivery platforms too. The restaurants can use this POS platform to ask for feedback from the customers as well. Additionally, it facilitates swift communication with customers through SMS, email etc. 

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In the current competitive environment, the success of any business depends on its ability to use technology wisely. A full-fledged POS system like Petpooja is hugely beneficial in saving time, reducing costs, streamlining operations and improving customer experience. It’s time to leverage the power of technology to take your restaurant business to greater heights. And Indifi, being a market leader in business solutions, can help you with just that! 

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