The Paytm app was the first of its kind to digitize monetary transactions in India. With the increasing usage of smartphones, people became  open to the idea of online transactions beyond cash payments. What started off as a mere mobile recharge payment platform grew into a fully functional digital payment wallet. The initial offers and cashbacks were enough to lure a large customer base. Post demonetization however, the main attraction for digital payments such as Paytm to become popular is its ease of use and the reduced number of steps for transactions.  Both businesses and customers can leverage this convenience for their daily use today. 

Businesses have a separate Paytm for business app that they can sign up for. It is through these apps that payments can be managed digitally. Transaction history is accessible on the app itself. This eliminates the need to constantly keep a track of your SMS or e-mails. Transaction histories can be downloaded for specific dates or time periods just like you would on a regular internet banking platform, giving you details on bank settlement time and other critical information.

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Here Is How Are Payments Managed On Paytm?

Keeping Records

It is essential for every merchant to keep a record of all their business transactions. Managing payments on Paytm and keeping a track of all transactions is made possible through another feature called Paytm Business Khata. For many businesses, maintaining good client relations is important for the long term. Traditionally, keeping track of the finances and transactions with one’s business clients required inputs made into a register and was mostly a manual affair. For faster and more efficient ways of working, records can now be maintained through Paytm Business Khata. Any dues between merchants can be recorded and merchants can be notified in a timely manner. It also helps businesses keep track of all their dues.
Any cashbacks offered to merchants can also be tracked here enabling you to earn extra for any transactions carried out through the app, much like customers would benefit from the same. 

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Manual transfers 

Manual transfer of money is possible through Paytm. Money accumulated through business transactions on the app can be transferred using the settlements tab. Instant bank settlements can now be done at one’s convenience without any additional fees. 

All-in-one QR

The recently launched all-in-one QR was a feature recently introduced by Paytm that has further improved and eased how payments are managed on Paytm by businesses. Merchants across the country can now use the All-in-one QR code to manage and receive all their payments directly to their bank accounts without having to pay any additional fee. Transactions can be tracked through the business app and there is no limitation on the number of payments that the merchant can accept. This single reconciliation of all payments for Paytm for Business app has been a welcome move. Payments are more convenient for customers and merchants are able to manage their payments with much more ease. 

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Online monetary lending for Businesses

Following its success in the digital payments sector, Paytm tied up with various non-bank lenders to start online lending for businesses. Merchants and consumers have the option of taking loans from Paytm as a deferred payment option now. Indifi as a platform works towards financing small businesses in a similar manner helping them grow. Financing from traditional institutions is otherwise impossible for such organizations and without access to funding; such business would be unable to thrive. Through Indifi’s platform both lenders and businesses are brought together. The main deterrent for most upcoming businesses when is lack of proper capital and the inability to have their loans approved by banks. Most of the time is consumed in paperwork and awaiting approval. The flexibility of these platforms for loan approval and minimal paperwork hassles is what attracts merchants to such platforms and turns out beneficial for them in the long run.

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Paytm may not be a replacement of the traditional banking system but it has revolutionized the way payments are made and managed across businesses and consumers alike. Whether it is for large established businesses or for rural unorganized sectors, certain aspects of payments and banking needs remain the same. This is probably why it has gained in popularity.

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