All of us are well-acquainted with the food delivery industry and the helpful services that it provides. With a mission to offer quality food delivery management software services to corporates, Petpooja had started its journey a decade ago.

Their mission is to present a standardized and all-inclusive compact software solution that addresses every requirement of the client.  The set of products offered by Petpooja is highly configurable and suits all types of requirements of F&B outlets. Moreover, affordable and integrated pricing structure is also quite convenient.

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How are Payments Managed on Petpooja?

Their POS includes billing software is supported in both desktop and android devices. It syncs with the cloud as well. You need not be a tech-genius to use this software because it has a simple configuration. The restaurant back office will be able to utilize its core modules efficiently. 

Important features of the billing and payment system at Petpooja

  • The billing and KOT of Petpooja have been specially designed to offer speed and accuracy.
  • The client, i.e. F&B outlets, will experience a linear and adaptable workflow. 
  • The optimum biller training time is 30 minutes. 
  • The software has been designed in such a way that it can print around 150 bills every hour. 

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What about the complex discount structure for every F&B outlet? 

As we all are familiar with, the discount department is quite complicated for every F&B outlet. Every client has a different discount scheme. That is why the smart solutions of Petpooja consider each category very carefully and make sure to comprehend everything.

  • The order type also matters for applying discounts i.e., whether it is a dine-in order or home delivery. 
  • It is also important to understand whether the discount is applied to the total or core amount. 
  • Category-wise discounts (including time, food items and percentages) are also calculated efficiently. 
  • Last but not least, they also evaluate the minimum order value for discount coupon availability for separate outlets and work accordingly. 

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How does Petpooja manage the taxes and configurations department?

  • The forward and backward tax configurations are considered separately. 
  • Taxes are applied on the basis of items and categories and calculated distinctly. 
  • Petpooja’s team also makes sure to send comprehensive tax reports by calculating GST bifurcation and HSN codes.

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Certain important features of the payment system at Petpooja that make your work easier,  deserve a special mention in this context. The billing sequence is maintained properly to ensure stability in the system. Moreover, Petpooja makes way for using multiple billing systems in the same outlet. The multi-terminal support provided by their software is also excellent because it works on LAN even when there are network discrepancies. Their 24*7 support system will help you with any query regarding the functioning of this software system. This also enhances Petpooja’s sense of respect for the clients’ time. 

Reasons to consider Petpooja apart from their simplified software system

Petpooja has a lot to offer to its clients. Their POS system makes room for every small or large-scale F&B outlet to manage their businesses efficiently. With this native desktop billing application, it is quite easy to address the issue of limited memory. For instance, peak billing hours are handled by Petpooja perfectly with their efficient techniques and since it is not a web application, the chances of browser cache being full or systems shutting down due to internet outage don’t exist.  

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The 24*7 client support system has really been helpful for every client associated with Petpooja. Be it a POS outage or any other software malfunction, it will be dealt with under expert supervision to address and solve the crisis as soon as possible to get your billing system back on track and get your restaurant back on track. All the operations are handled by professionals who make their best efforts in communicating with the client and eradicating the problem. 

They also send comprehensive reports from time to time to help the outlet take informed decisions. The interface is quite easy to use and the biller will also be able to collect digital forms of payment. 

The user-friendly POS software for managing payments, Petpooja’s billing system has everything that is required to run a restaurant in an efficient manner. Every requirement of the client is addressed immediately to ensure the proper functioning of your restaurant. 

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