In today’s world, technology influences many of day to day decisions. According to research, 87% of millennials prefer online sites rather than visiting any travel agent while planning for any trip. In that case, as a travelling agency owner, you should consider going online. 

Taking your business online can assist you in tapping into a bigger pool of customer. At the same time, you might turn out to be a small fish that can easily be eaten by big sharks out there. The travel industry is a competitive market. However, there are some key factors that can provide a competitive edge over others, as you take your travel agency business online. 

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Tips To Bring Your Business Online For Travel Agencies

List your agency on various online directories:

The first step while you plan for online migration is got your business listed on online directories like Just Dial, Google directories and Urban Clap. There are two key benefits to this:

  • It is free and very easy to get listed.
  • You need not worry about SEO.

While you post your services on online listicle websites, make sure to add details of services you provide and make the post attractive by using images and videos. You should also consider having a website of your own travel agency as it adds exclusivity to your business and you can have a direct channel to interact with your potential customers. 

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Build a strong social media presence:

Do you know that content shared through social media sites has a higher probability of appearing at the top in search results? Additionally, the study suggests that 60% of travellers share their trip memories on social media. 52% of people book their trip after getting influenced by their friends’ photos. Try to have an influential presence on social media. Request your customers to tag your social profiles while posting their memories. It will also help you in forming a small eco-system of yours.  

Engage with your customers:

In the hospitality business, customer experience plays a pivotal role in uplifting any organisation or enterprise. Try to keep engaging with your customers at various stages of their tour. This will not only ensure accountability but also help you in finding loopholes in your services. Always remember that a happy customer is a returning customer.

Besides, you can ask for testimonials or feedback of your services from customers.t will uplift your ranking in search results. 

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Offer packages and discounts

Mix and match various combinations of hotels and activities like free breakfasts or massage to add a unique flavour to your offerings. Providing coupons to your potential customers can also act as a big push toward picking your services while planning any trip.

Travellers prefer to go for tour packages as it reduces the stress of managing their vacations. Ensure that everything goes as it is planned. It would be a big motivation for them to come back to you for the next trip. 

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Run effective marketing campaigns

Marketing your product is a must thing to do if you are considering taking your travel agency online. Videos play a big role in online marketing. 60% of all online traffic comes from video. Travellers normally like to document their journey. Request your customers to share it with you as well. And use those to promote your business on website and social media pages. 

Customers always want to have a feel of the place they are about to visit and want to make sure that they are getting what they are paying for. Videos can help you in clearing a lot of these doubts. 

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Try to be active on social media and post regular updates. Moreover, keep track of online reviews or comments on your posts. These are the purest form of feedback that can help you understand the actual impact of your efforts. 


The internet, undoubtedly, provides the best way to increase your customer outreach. However, a small mistake or setback in service can also have long term ramifications for your business. Be attentive to all the feedbacks and try to resolve queries as soon as possible. It is an art to handle customers both online and offline. Once you tick mark these small checkboxes, then sky is the limit for your business. 

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Indifi helps small businesses with the intent and potential to skyrocket their growth curve by offering financial assistance. It uses data-driven technology to assess the creditworthiness of any platform of business. Indifi has helped the relevant applicants in securing loans for uplifting their business. So if you’re looking to start your own travel agency and take it to new heights using the internet, Indifi is just what you need.

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