Running a creative business is many people’s greatest dream, but what happens when the inevitable creative mind block happens?

For many creatives, getting stuck in a creative rut is always a horrible time. However, when you run a creative business, it can cause many problems – a frustration that you would very much like to avoid.

Of course, creative ruts are a natural part of life. We can’t expect our brains to continually provide us with imaginative ideas and motivation.

A quote I like to remember is; “You can find inspiration in anything,” and it’s totally right. You just need to know where to look.

Here are the top ways myself and my agency Creato Design keep out of a creative rut.

Remove any expectations

You should remove this idea that you are just a creating machine. Creating should be a joy, not a chore that has to be “perfect” or “valuable.”

Sometimes, to get me back into the creating mood, I just create something for fun. Just as a little tester.

Pick a clear focus

I tend to find a new centre every single month. Of course, these new projects and hobbies are great for me, but I never let them lose my true focus.

Try to pick a clear focus of what your interests are, and keep that to your business. It will help your mind to stop wandering off in new directions.

Clear your space

I used to let my workspace get so messy, and I soon realised that this was having a really negative effect on my creativity. When your space is messy, your mind is messy.

Make sure to declutter your space and tidy up every now and then. If you feel like you’re entering a creative rut, you should consider cleaning up a little bit.

Go out of your comfort zone

Sometimes trying something really new, and entirely out of your comfort zone is beneficial. Don’t always keep to the same routine – go out and try a new hobby, in a new area or just push yourself.

Also, for your creative business, you should always be trying to grow and venture in new places. A great step forward is to help clients with graphic design retainer. This will keep you excited and keep you feeling creative, fulfilled and happy.

Take breaks

Running a business can often feel like a lifetime dedication. However, don’t make the mistake of never taking time for yourself. Isn’t that the beauty of becoming self-employed? That you can take as many holidays as you like.

This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just take time away from your business and your work.

Seek out inspiration

Sometimes, you just have to look for inspiration. This is where my favourite quote jumps out.

This could be something as simple as looking at Pinterest or scrolling through a magazine. Other times, it might take a trip to a craft market, or an art class. Whatever you feel it takes, go for it.

The internet is so accessible, make the most of it and get searching around. Try not to fall into a dark void of memes and cat videos, though.

I find meeting up with someone for coffee can be really beneficial. Express your struggles and find their opinions on it. Sometimes opening up can be all you need.

I hope these simple hints and tips help you in not only staying out of a creative rut but avoiding one too.

Remember, they are healthy, and sometimes you just need to take a complete break from your work. This shouldn’t make you doubt your abilities or business.

Guest post by Callum Humphreys

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