How To Use Facebook For Your Marketing Campaign

Creating, running, and optimizing your business’s website is a challenging task, especially during these pandemic times. You have to constantly promote it and ensure that the right people know about you and your business. Luckily, the age of social media we live in can help you market your business.

Hence, a giant in the social space with more than 2 billion daily active users, Facebook can be incredibly effective. Many marketers use Facebook to distribute content and promote their business.

But maybe you don’t know how often people are using Facebook to interact with businesses of all sizes. More than half of Facebook users tell us that they visit a local Facebook business page at the minimum of once a week.

Potential customers are already looking for businesses like yours on Facebook. One of the best ways to gain this existing audience is by having a clear and focused Facebook marketing strategy.

Let us suggest some important points for the same.

  1. Give out content worth sharing.

Once you’ve set your goals, you need to create a plan for how to achieve them. The main part of this plan is figuring out the proper mixture of content. We recommend you use 80% of your Facebook posts to inform, educate, and entertain and use the other 20% to promote your brand.

Think more about the variety of your posts that your audience would like to see and share on their Facebook pages. In addition to written content, consider sharing visual content. Visual content is extremely sharable, meaning, visual content can give you a bigger reach and provide more user engagement and interaction.

The main goal is give more value than promotional content, and keeping your followers engaged with you.

Also determine when and how often to post. This will take some trial and error but it’s important to post consistently and on the right time. Create a content calendar to help balance your mix of content types and keep your posting schedule on track.

  1. Engage your audience effectively.

Unless your current and likely followers and audience check your profile everyday, they are only able to find your content through the news feed.

Consider how your content’s interaction and engagement affects the chances of it showing up in news feed and explore to widen your reach without relying mostly on paid ads.

Personal posts take priority above business posts, but however, when personal interactions and engagement meet business content, it gives rise to an opportunity.

The chance of your followers’ connections finding your content in their news feeds increases when your content is relevant to them and when they engage with you. Also remember the engagement needs to be two sided. This interaction can help increase engagement and draw even more eyes to your content — and your website.

  1. Use Facebook tools.

Once your follower count starts to rise, you can start to consider adding more tools for your marketing plan.

Start to use tools like –

  • Facebook Groups.
  • Facebook chatbot (a.k.a. Facebook Messenger bot).
  • Facebook Business Manager.
  1. Use Facebook ads.

Although you post your content on your Facebook page, this doesn’t mean that all your followers will view it. You might be slightly surprised by the number of followers who actually view your organic Facebook posts.

This is due to the Facebook algorithm, which gives the highest priority to posts from friends and family.

Thankfully, you can widen your reach using Facebook ads.

A Facebook ad is content that you must pay to share with a certain targeted audience. This helps your brand get in front of the right viewers and reaching your engagement and interaction goals.

  1. Track, measure, and refine

Facebook marketing is not a one time thing. You need to track and measure your performance in time so you can check what strategy worked and which didn’t. This will show you how to improve your marketing strategy in the future.

Facebook gives built in audience interaction and engagement tracking tools via Facebook Insights. You can measure:

  • Reach (how many people saw your posts).
  • Engagement (how many people liked, clicked, shared, or commented).
  • Which of your posts result in people un-liking your Page.

Facebook Insights will also help you determine which post types work best for your Page, so you’ll know if your current content mix is working. You can even check some of the best sites  to buy Facebook likes and comments listed at


The only constant fact about social media is that it is constantly changing. Continue to measure and optimize your efforts, and remember that simply being present isn’t enough to generate record-breaking numbers of followers or leads.

By continuously looping your goal-settings, measuring results, and giving small changes to your marketing strategy, you can improve your performance in time.