It comes as no surprise to hear that SaaS companies are taking over the internet. First of all, for readers who do not already know, SaaS companies use SOFTWARE to provide customers with different services they need. Say, you want to get an exotic food ingredient that you can not find anywhere near you, SaaS companies have got you covered. Pretty impressive, right? Their entire business creates, accommodates, upgrades, and updates the products they are providing all from the same place. They can get products not available in your geographical location, as they have access to a free global market.

1 3 Marketing Strategies For Any Hospitality SaaS Company

1 3 Marketing Strategies For Any Hospitality SaaS Company

SaaS companies work by distributing data online for organizations and individuals to allow access from any browser on any device. Consumers can then make their various orders, and organizations can continue to host the software for IT and tech support. This not only adds a formidable layer of security, but it also covers the gap between various organizations and consumers and provides fixed upfront prices.

Say you see a pair of shoes on your favorite celebrity. You want to get the pair of shoes desperately, but can’t because of delivery fees, geographical location differences, and flimsy prices and offers by different “suppliers.” SaaS companies offer you fixed prices for goods, fast delivery times, and devoted customer service to attend to all your orders and needs.

It can not be denied that SaaS companies are expected to take over 80% of the app business in 2020. Now, over 73% of organizations and companies owners make use of SaaS companies.

A division of SaaS companies is yet to establish themselves as giants, however. These are the hospitality  SaaS companies. This is a subdivision of SaaS companies meant to make life easier through easy payment options for your day to day lifestyle. Imagine you want to pay for a meal at a hotel, but you forgot your wallet with your money and ATM at home. It won’t be any cause for alarm because the hospitality SaaS companies would allow you to pay not only for the meal but for the Uber on your way back. We are going to be talking about three different marketing strategies for hospitality SaaS companies.


1.   Focus on digital content marketing:

Content marketing these days is an art that should be learnt and practiced by any organization.  Digital marketing is a type of marketing that concerns itself with making, publishing, and making content available for a particular kind of audience online. It is often used for various businesses nowadays to expand their customer and viewer numbers, generate revenue, and allow users to share and discuss a particular topic, creating a community.

2 3 Marketing Strategies For Any Hospitality SaaS Company

2 3 Marketing Strategies For Any Hospitality SaaS Company

Its primary focus is to greater and more brand awareness for increased patronage. This is something Lodgify has done quite expertly and successfully. Contrary to popular belief, Being an Airbnb host does not give a lot of stress, nor does it take all your time. Everyone that has gone on vacation knows how stressful and forgettable it is to update your calendar on every flight you want to take.

Lodgify is a prime example of how you can host Airbnb management software quickly and efficiently, providing optimum satisfaction for your customers. Lodgify is a vacation rental and Airbnb management software that gives private, and business owners access to creating their own vacation rental websites and accepting online bookings. It is excellent for people that want to lease their houses for a short period while they are away but do not know how to do it. They have a remarkable content marketing team, dropping free content and advice to travelers and homeowners alike.

They have an impressive social media following, using influencer marketing to their advantage, and are continuing to thrive. Lodgify has a large social media following and community.  They have an application store that makes bookings, calendar automation, and vacation plans easy and fun! There are many other hospitality SaaS companies you can apply this to, as this is needed for any company to excel.

2.   Search engine optimization (SEO)

This tool is a tool that is fast gaining recognition and usage from business owners all over the world.  Search engine optimization(SEO) is a process where you grow the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing how visible your website or webpage to consumers on search engines search for. This also works alongside content marketing to create the visibility increase your webpage would get. There are three pillars to SEO relevance: context, relevance, and Trust. A good SEO would have a useful context in relation to the webpage or website; it would have a lot of keyword inclusion and internal hyperlinking to be easily visible and must help the business grow in terms of trustworthiness and reliability.

3 3 Marketing Strategies For Any Hospitality SaaS Company

3 3 Marketing Strategies For Any Hospitality SaaS Company

There are two ways to make an SEO work, and impressively, Piktochart does a fantastic job utilizing this tip. Piktochart is a web-based visual design and presentation software that assists users in making stunning visuals, from infographics to presentations and captivating social media stories. It particularly stands out when it comes to designing and delivering excellent presentations. They help freelance graphic designers, writers, and other skilled professionals meet their target customers to ensure smooth service and quality products. They have created an  On-page SEO and an Off-page SEO. An on-page SEO involves internal hyperlinking, keyword usage, page load time, as well as title and descriptions, while an off-page SEO makes use of link building by influencers and high-quality sites.

Critics have argued that SEOs are going out of service and are not very helpful, but they could not be more wrong. Both are essential at creating an ideal and high- functioning SEO. At Piktochart, they have gained a high level of trustworthiness and reliability that they have gotten a high level of accreditation from trusted web pages, websites, and social media accounts of influence. Having an SEO would not only put you on a fast track to success, but it would also significantly increase your chances of expansion and development of your hospitality SaaS business.

3.   Co-marketing

Co-marketing is needed by almost every hospitality SaaS business out there. Why, you may ask? It is because no business is an island. A company needs other products for it to produce its own product, that is a known fact. There is no hard and fast procedure to this skill. When companies and businesses create content marketing, other affiliated companies participating share and partake in the online discussion. Co-marketing, when done efficiently, is a proven great way to increase your social media following, increase customers, and create strong bonds and relationships between related businesses.

Hence, Co-marketing is an essential tip to consider, as it can make or mar the SaaS business owner. Hoteltechreport has done this professionally well and deserves praise for this achievement. Hoteltechreport is a technologically innovative media platform and hotel management software that helps other hoteliers find the best technology tools to solve problems and grow their business. In other words, they help hotel owners and other entrepreneurs with technological gadgets to make their customers snore convenient and comfortable.

4 3 Marketing Strategies For Any Hospitality SaaS Company

4 3 Marketing Strategies For Any Hospitality SaaS Company

Gone are the days where the traditional hotel experience is digitally lacking. Gadgets like wallow talkies for security and bathroom gadgets for added convenience and fanciness are made available to hoteliers at fixed, reasonable prices. They have partnered with affiliated companies like airline companies, visa companies, and restaurants. As you can decipher, all these companies are closely related. For this reason, they share in each other’s community following, share content, and provide packages for customers and hoteliers.

Wrapping up

We know it is not easy to become a successful hospitality SaaS company. There are so many companies that startup, and due to unforeseen, adverse circumstances, they close up as soon as they start. These tips would help you on your way to thriving and providing customers and other businesses premium, quality service, and creating passive, increasing brand awareness for your business. Companies like Hoteltechreport, Piktochart, and Lodgify all have separate, but equally successful hospitality SaaS businesses that provide you with various services you may need. These brands have all abided by these few tips and gone the extra mile to be as reputable, trustworthy, and quality as they are now. There is no easy, fast, and stress-free way of growing your brand, but these tips are a right and strategic way to get results.

SaaS businesses have become a household name, with flagship names like Google, Adobe, and Microsoft, all being SaaS companies. Hospitality SaaS companies like eZee front desk and ambie have done groundbreaking work and should be commended.

There are many strategies that any hospitality SaaS company can implement to realize their goals, however, we can agree that digital marketing is essential. Not only does it help to keep present customers interested in the company’s offerings, but it also attracts new customers. And like any other business, keeping the target audience happy is key to successful business.

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