If you wish to know about your website users in detail, cookies are the easiest way to collect users’ information.

But the privacy laws all over the world today ask every website to take consent of a user before sending any cookie. They also require you to have a well-defined cookie policy. This means you must make it clear to your visitors that you use cookies through a cookie consent notification bar. But, how to create that? This is where a WordPress cookie consent plugin comes into the picture. It helps you to make your site compliant with various cookie laws. Here, we have brought a list of the 10 most popular WordPress cookie consent plugins of the year. You can easily create a WordPress Cookie notice with these plugins.      

What is a cookie? 

A cookie is a small text file that a computer receives from a website through its browser and then sends it back after an interval without making any change on it. It tracks some identifiable information which the sender of the cookie may use later to remember some details about some specific users. 

What is EU Cookie law and why should you follow the directive? 

EU ePrivacy Directive or EU cookie law, as it is popularly known, is a European legal framework that governs the data privacy of EU residents. It came into force on 26th May 2012. It mandates all websites that deal with EU people to take permission from the users before deploying any cookies.    

Best WordPress cookie plugins of the year

1. WP Cookie Consent

WP Legal Pages is a powerful WordPress tool to make your site compliant with EU GDPR cookie law and CCPA “Do not sell ” opt-out regulation. With this, you can generate a cookie notice bar with just a few clicks and edit cookie details manually. Users may change their consent anytime. The geo-targeting option allows you to show or hide cookie notices based on geographical regions.    


  • Customizable cookie consent banner 
  • One-click cookie scan 
  • Pre consent cookie blocker  
  • Cookie audit table 
  • Geolocation targeting 

Price – $39

2. Cookie Notice for GDPR 

Cookie Notice is a modern yet simple WordPress cookie law plugin. It allows you to manually set cookie duration, choose the message position, and block or revoke cookies. The users get the option to accept cookies when they scroll down.  It is open-source and equally good for commercial and personal use. 


  • Customizable cookie message 
  • Cookie expiry date 
  • Header & footer script placement 
  • Read more button 
  • WPML ready 

Price –  It is a free plugin 

3. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner 

GDPR Cookie Consent Banner is an advanced cookie plugin for WordPress to create responsive cookies. It offers you tons of customization options. You can inherit theme styles wherever you want and set the cookie duration manually. There are features to translate the cookies into five different languages. 


  • Set a link to the privacy policy
  • Change the styles from within the customizer 
  • 3 dismissal methods – click, timed or scroll 
  • Multiple choices of position 
  • Multilingual ready  

Price – It is a free plugin  

4. Lucky WP Cookie Notice

Lucky WP Cookie Notice is a user-friendly WordPress plugin to generate cookies on your site. It comes with hundreds of rich features like cookie duration setting, show again links and caching plugin support. The plugin has “Accept” or “Reject” cookie options, unlike the other plugins that come with just “Accept Cookies” options. The plugin is well documented.


  • Customizable cookie messages 
  • Pre-designed custom template  
  • Customizable appearance 
  • Multiple choices of positions 
  • Responsive web design 

Price – It is a free plugin  

5. GDPR Cookie Consent 

GDPR Cookie Consent is an elegant WordPress plugin to make your site compliant with EU GDPR cookie laws. It has an “Accept” or “Reject” cookie option, shortcodes to display cookies, and auto block cookies features. There are features to import or export information and cookie policy generators. You can preview your banner in the admin backend.    


  • Customizable cookie banner 
  • Cookie policy generator 
  • Automatic cookie scan 
  • Manage cookie link 
  • Translation ready 

Price – $49 

6. GDPR Cookie Compliance 

GDPR Cookie Compliance is a flexible WordPress plugin to make your website comply with GDPR, CCPA, or other privacy policy regulations in the world. It comes with a simple user interface. You can customize every single element of the cookies. There are two unique layouts and CDN based URL support. The plugin supports 11 different languages. It is available in both free and pro versions. 


  • Cookie wall layout 
  • Import / Export setting 
  • WordPress multisite extension 
  • Local data storage 
  • iFrame blocker 

Plugin – $49

7. EU Cookie Law for GDPR/ CCPA 

EU Cookie Law for GDPR / CCPA is a light and simple cookie plugin for WordPress. It comes with a set of shortcodes, PHP filters, and functions. You can block scripts, objects, and iFrames before cookies with overlay alert. You can set your popup, page, or custom URL for policy. The plugin is compatible with Disques and Jetpack Infinite Scrolls.  


  • Responsive design 
  • Customizable banner 
  • Set cookie duration and expiry 
  • Link to the privacy policy 
  • WPML ready 

Price – It is a free plugin  

8. Cookie Consent- WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin

Cookie Consent is one of the most popular plugins available in the Envato market. It lets you generate cookie notices that are compatible with any WordPress theme. You can customize the look of your notices the way you want and place them either on the top or the bottom of your website. You can decide how long you will store the cookies for the visitors who give their consent. The plugin is easy to install and customize.   


  • Customizable messages 
  • Link to the privacy policy page 
  • Link to more info page 
  • Polylang compatible 
  • SEO friendly  

Price – $10

9. Cookiebot 

Cookiebot is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you to create fully customizable and responsive cookie banners. It automatically scans and blocks all cookies on your website until your users give their consent. The plugin supports 45 languages. It is available in both free and premium versions.


  • Customizable cookie consent notice 
  • Auto cookie monitoring 
  • Advanced cookie control 
  • Cookie repository 
  • Bulk consent for multiple domains 

Price – $21

10. Italy Cookie Choices 

Italy Cookie Choices is a simple WordPress plugin. It lets you comply with various cookie laws showing cookie notices to them only the first time they enter your site. You can block third-party scripts and add customizable button texts to your site. The plugin is compatible with W3TC and WP Super Check Fix. It is fully customizable.     


  • Customizable cookie banner 
  • Multiple display options  
  • Acceptance on mouse scroll 
  • Acceptance on the second view 
  • Translation ready 

Price –  It is a free plugin


Once you find a WordPress cookie consent plugin that matches your needs, within minutes you can make your site compliant with various privacy laws. All you need to do  is to install and activate the plugin and configure it to fit your purpose. All the above-mentioned plugins are user friendly and well documented. You can pick up any of them and get started. There is no need to take help from any technical person. The exclusive documentation will guide you in the right direction.

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