We don’t have to remind anyone about the dramatic changes we all experienced in 2020. What we can tell you though, is that digital design and creative industries are going to benefit from the shift towards digital.

Regardless of industry, every business will need to update and define its digital presence and designers can help with branding, website design, marketing, and much more.

In a new study from moveBuddha, they’ve uncovered the best and worst cities across the US for graphic designers measured by job opportunity, median salary, and spending power.

Minneapolis is the #1 Best Major City – Beating out hot cities like NYC, San Francisco, and even L.A.

This metric suggests which cities offer the best work-life balance.

Walla Walla, WA is the best city by spending power, here with only 3.25 hours of work, designers earn $100 of spending power. By comparison, in Duluth, MN to earn the same spending power requires 5.10 hours of time on the job.

Remember, graphic design skills are always evolving.
Graphic design skills are evolving and interlaced with newer jobs in high demand such as digital design. So here’s the good news, the job outlook from BLS predicts an 8% growth in employment for web developers and digital designers. Always be thinking about ways to build and bolster your skillset and keep your design mind fresh (here are some great reads we recommend) and flexible as times change.

Check out the full study from moveBuddha here:  America’s Best (and Worst) Cities for Graphic Designers.

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