When your business or company is in its infancy, saving money can be crucial. You may not be earning much of it at this point, so every outgoing payment can be a significant drain on your bank balance. However, as tempting as it can be to skimp on design and logos for your website to cut costs, this is one area that requires your full investment. Find out why below.

Can Set the Scene for Your Site’s Design

Your logo is a reflection of your business, and so your website should serve to amplify your logo. One of the many reasons why people struggle with their website’s design elements is because they haven’t given enough thought to their logo.

While they may have used a brand name generator to come up with a business name, logo design can fall by the wayside. They may not even have a logo. Fortunately, affordable logo design companies are ready and waiting to provide a logo so that you can begin designing a website that works in harmony alongside it.

Provide Insight Into What You Do

Even though your website likely has an ‘about’ tab and a list of services, your logo can also provide insight into what your business is about. Often, this is thanks to a clever use of color, fonts, and symbolism. Without a logo, customers can draw conclusions about your offerings that may or may not be accurate.

Forms a Link

Because we have access to countless different website templates, it’s uncommon to come across two sites that look the same. However, one feature that most share in common is a top left-hand link to take you back to the home page. It doesn’t matter which page or tab you’re on, one click can return you to your starting point. However, this link is only present if you have a logo to attach it to. Otherwise, navigating a site can be challenging, no matter how user-friendly it is.

Useful for Marketing

When you’re promoting your business in an online capacity, or even in a bricks and mortar establishment, a logo is crucial for brand recognition. The more platforms customers see your logo on, the more they can associate it with your business.  If you don’t have a logo, or don’t use one on your website, that connection can be lost. The absence of a logo can have potential customers questioning whether they have visited the correct site after clicking on an ad.

Adds Legitimacy

Millions of scam websites are hastily created each year. Given the scammer’s desire for quick cash, not a lot of time or effort is often put into making sure the site is the picture of perfection. As a result, many people can distinguish the real from the fake by paying attention to design aspects. Without putting time and effort into your design, including the logo, some customers may not be able to tell whether your site is a scam or not. As a result, you may lose customers who don’t want to take the risk.

Offering products and services is one of the most important parts of any business, but it’s essential to nail the basics first. Don’t neglect your logo or website design when building your business from the ground up. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing customers faster than you’ve had a chance to gain them.

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