Starting a travel blog is easier than you can think. But, being a successful travel blogger avoiding lots of hardship is tough.

You can be demotivated because of not getting your desired views and ranking. But, things can be easier with helpful tips and guides. That’s why in this blog I will discuss the things you should know before starting a travel blog.

You can make money through travel blogging. For making money, you need to gain viewers who will follow your blogs regularly. Earning views will be easier by following some tips that I have discussed in this blog.

Table of content:

  • Things you should aware of before starting a travel blog:
    • Use a less confusing and appropriate domain name for your site.
    • Never ever change the domain name of your site.
    • Write content that provides the purpose and fulfills the goal.
    • Maintain consistency during creating content.
    • Follow SEO rules during writing content.
    • Use well quality images and videos in your content.
    • Know your audience.
    • Promote content on the social media that your audiences use most.
    • Content promotion on question and answer websites.
    • Promote yourself without feeling shy.

Things you should aware of before starting a travel blog

Every day more than thousands of people start their careers as travel bloggers. But, because of low knowledge about blogging, their blogs don’t get views and they get frustrated easily. As a result, they stop their blogging career. You don’t want to end up like them, right?

You can be a successful travel blogger by finding effective tips that will help you to know what you should do and don’t do during your blogging career. Here are the things that you should aware of before starting a travel blog:

1. Use a less confusing and appropriate domain name for your site:

Like your house name, a domain name is the name of your website that your customers will use to search for your service in the search engine. Because of choosing a hard and confusing domain name, your business can suffer. For this, you need to use a less confusing and appropriate domain name. When I am saying less confusing domain names, I am trying to say that you should avoid numbers in your domain name.

Besides, Choose a domain name that will suit your business. Like if you are opening a website for your shoe shop then, use a domain name that resembles your shoe shop. In this case, try to choose a unique domain name that other shoe shops didn’t use. One more thing if you have chosen the wrong domain name then, try hard not to change your domain name. Because changing domain names can cause more suffering that I am going to discuss in the next point.

2. Never ever change the domain name of your site:

Somehow if you have chosen the wrong domain name then, don’t try to change it, if you did draw a lot of traffic through that domain name. Because it will make two things zero that helps your site a lot to rank on the search engine. Let me inform you about those two things. One is DA and another one is backlinks.

Most people don’t know what these things are. So, here is a quick review of that. Domain authority is the rating that determines the search engine ranking score of the website that Moz offers. On the other hand, backlinks are the linkback that another site provides to your site. These two things help a lot to rank on the search engine. So, never ever change your domain name as long as you can manage.

3. Write content that provides the purpose and fulfills the goal:

Before starting to write content for your travel blog, you should first find your niche. What type of niche your website has. After finding out the niche then, create your content calendar for a month. Then, write content that fulfills the goals and purpose. Maintain the golden circle for your content. Like why you are doing this, how you will do it, what the outcome of it.

This will help you to write content that will satisfy your customer’s query. As a result, your blogs will get more views and easily rank on the search engine.

4. Maintain consistency during creating content:

The main point where most of the bloggers get beaten is they get frustrated after doing blogging for a few months. Blogging is all about being a consistent writer. You don’t need to publish new content every day if you can’t maintain it. If you write two content each week then, do it every week. Furthermore, don’t get frustrated ever if your content doesn’t get the desired views you are wishing for.

If you do research, you will find many bloggers who have stopped their blogging after doing it for one year. You will also find bloggers who have achieved their desired place in the blogging field after doing it for four years. So, give that time and be consistent with your writing when you will start a travel blog.

5. Follow SEO rules during writing content:

Content without SEO is quite impossible to rank on search engines. Never skip this while writing your content. Find out your focus keyword that has low keyword difficulty. Keywords with less KD will help you to rank easily on the search engines. So, keep that in mind during choosing the focus keyword for your content. Use 4-5 secondary keywords in your content. Moreover, use one subheading for 300 words, pictures, videos, use short sentences, paragraphs, and so on. You can also use SEO-friendly plugins and themes for your travel blog website.

By following all SEO rules you can easily rank on the search engines and can get lots of views. Search engines easily detect plagiarized content and remove contents that are not plagiarism-free. So, be creative during writing your content. Of course, you can get travel blog ideas from travel blog websites but don’t copy them.

6. Use well quality images and videos in your content:

Ever read a blog with images and without images? If you did then, you must know why images and videos are so important. Images should be added to your blog because it makes content user-friendly. Your visitors will not get bored while reading your content. Besides, they can imagine your situation by seeing the pictures.

Storytelling will be more easy and attractive with good-quality pictures and videos. So, don’t skip adding images to your content.

7. Know your audience:

Before starting your travel blog writing you should know who your audiences are. What is their buyer persona? Now, a buyer persona is the detailed information of your audience like their age, country, city, using devices, everything. You can easily find it by google analytics. As a result, you will know how to target your audience. What blog should you write to attract your visitors?

8. Promote content on the social media that your audiences use most:

Content promotion on every social media should be avoided. Regardless, you should be selective when promoting content on social media. Target two or three social media for your content promotion. Then, find out the engagement of your audience. Like which type of content they like most.

Blogging is also following your visitors’ activity. By doing that you can be a successful travel blogger.

9. Content promotion on question and answer website:

Fewer bloggers use this platform to promote their content. Actually, most of them don’t know about it. Besides, you can as well. As you are new in the blogging field.

A question and answer website is a website where people ask different questions and get answers. You can use for blog promotion. Millions of people use quora to ask or answer questions. So, it increases the possibility of finding new audiences.

10. Promote yourself without feeling shy:

You may ask yourself, why promotion is this much recommended. This is the way you can get a new and regular audience who will read and share your content. Besides, sharing your travel blog on your social media can help you to grow more quickly. If your relatives share your content then, you can rank more quickly. As search engines count it. It will help you to rank high on the search engine.

Utilize every chance perfectly to build your audience. This will make you the successful blogger that you want to be.

Get started with your travel blog

Travel blogging is interesting and at the same time enjoyable. Besides, you can see and learn lots of things and even make money through blogging. So, don’t be afraid to try out something new. Let it happen and start your travel blog with the tips that I have discussed. You can find lots of tips on the internet as well that will help you to make your dream true.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

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