When shelves are stuffed with so many similar products from different brands, packaging can be as important as the items inside. Brands generally have seven seconds to make an impression on potential buyers. Not only does an appealing and effective design help consumers make faster and easier decisions, but an eye-catching look can also draw clients’ attention. However, creating excellent packaging for your food products may be challenging. The first step in designing successful packaging is to work with a supplier.

Research has shown that at least a third of product decision-making depends on packaging and personal preferences. Moreover, 62 to 90% of people’s evaluation of an item is based solely on colors. In a competitive market where consumers make decisions quickly, the products’ packaging can attract or repel customers. To design successful food packaging, it would help to consider the following five steps:

#1. Work with a Packaging Supplier

When you need custom paper packaging for your food products, it’s in your best interest to engage the services of a packaging supplier. They can assist you throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the design to the finished product. Moreover, packaging specialists will provide the best solutions based on your specifications and needs at reasonable costs.

#2. Choose a Creative Yet Clear Design

Undoubtedly, creative designs can draw crowds, but there is something to be said for simple and clear communication. As consumers constantly become aware of health benefits, recyclability, and sustainability, accurate information is critical. A survey shows that 85% of customers say their in-store buying decisions are based on reading product packaging.

Whatever your food design packaging, be clear about your items. Before seeking help from a packaging supplier, gather the necessary information. Prepare the nutritional information, ingredient lists, or barcodes so they won’t get in the way of your creativity later. Then provide your company logo, guidelines, or message to save time.

#3. Consider Your Brand’s Tagline

When products are on store shelves, they are the promoters of your business. So, you need to ensure they communicate with your customers. How to do that? Easy, with a meaningful brand message!

When designing the custom paper packaging, choose a message that justifies its value proposition. Every item has something unique, and keeping it distinct from the competitors is vital. Take KFC’s tagline “finger lickin’ good” as an example. Your product and packaging should go hand in hand to catch your customers’ attention.

#4. Choose the Perfect Shape

The shape of your custom packaging can also play a considerable role in attracting potential buyers. In many cases, shapes can catch onlookers’ attention and encourage brand visibility. In addition to being visually pleasing, it’s best to ensure that your boxes are also functional.

An innovative shape may make your items stand out but, apart from that, your packaging must fulfill the basic requirements, namely, safely delivering the product. The point is to create a unique form and fantastic shape as long as you keep it damage-proof.

#5. Consider the Quality of Your Packaging Material

Statistics have shown that if a brand’s packaging deteriorates, more than 55% of clients abandon the brand, while 36% shift to other brands. Food boxes that use premium quality materials are more attractive. Over the years, consumers have made their purchasing habits clear by picking up paper-based packaging material over other types of materials.

When ordering custom paper food boxes, ask your packaging manufacturer about the paper’s thickness to ensure safety and trust for your clients. You can choose window-cut packaging to let your customer see the food. After all, they won’t be able to taste or smell your food items, but they would love to see what they’re purchasing.

You need to ensure you do basic research in the food industry. Food packaging design can be highly influenced by your personality and brand identity. The quality of your packaging material and its design will strongly influence your customer’s opinion about your products.

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