A web developer is a relevant and demanded profession today. According to Glassdoor, at the time of writing, the average web developer salary is $ 70,826 per year.

At the same time, the profession is quite variable. For each project or vacancy, employers require special knowledge from a specialist. But there is a base of skills that every professional must-have. What skills are considered basic and how they can be “pumped” we will analyze them in this article.


Basic skills that form the basis for a web developer

What are the basic skills for a web developer? This is a general list of required skills that are required for a candidate for a position in a company or for a project. The broader the basic skills and the more a specialist works through them and develops them, the more chances he has of getting a good position. Remember, the market is saturated with competition, so employers are trying to hire talents for web development that are really worthy of attention. 

What are considered core skills?

The list of basic skills is as follows:

  • HTML / CSS
  • Analytics;
  • Responsive design;
  • JavaScript;
  • Testing and debugging;
  • Server works;
  • CEO.

Also, a professional must be able to negotiate, find contact with any customer, be loyal to criticism, edits, and comments.

HTML / CSS markup skills

Markup is the backbone of the foundation for web development. With its help, all sites on the Internet are created. The most common languages are HTML and CSS. The first is the language of creating sites, the second is their styling. Fonts, colors, and other parameters are selected using CSS.

Analytics skills

An analytical mindset enables a web developer to qualify for the best positions and projects. A specialist can apply his abilities in a wide range: from the correct selection of encoding to negotiating with clients. Skills in the field of analytics enable a professional to be flexible, quickly understand and implement the changes that the client wants to see and understand the requirements of the end-user.

Skills in responsive design

Understanding how responsive design works is a must-have skill for a web developer. Today, users are increasingly opening sites not only on laptops and stationary computers, but also on mobile devices, so it is very important to take into account the possibility of changing the screen size when creating a design. An unadapted site will be displayed incorrectly on one of the types of devices, which will negatively affect its promotion and attendance.

JavaScript Skills

JavaScript – Used by web developers to implement complex website functionality. Without Java, it is impossible to add a search function to the site, implement moving pictures, maps with interactive functions, even downloading a video will become a problem. Knowledge of JavaScript improves the qualifications of a web developer, many clients are ready to pay more to such specialists, as this expands the possibilities in creating attractive sites for visitors. Interactive sites are becoming increasingly popular with end users, which is why many employers only consider candidates with these skills.


Testing and debugging

Web page validation is a regular procedure that is carried out at every stage of website creation. Testing allows you to detect an error or malfunction at the earliest stage and makes it possible to immediately eliminate it. But finding an error is not enough. You need to debug it in time. Testing can be functional and modular, and having skills in both of these areas allows you to create working sites, debug them and launch them in the shortest possible time.

Server skills

Some employers do not consider these skills necessary. Large companies have in-house developers who are paired with website builders. But in some projects, the customer may indicate the need for skills in working with servers. In addition, they improve the developer’s qualifications and expand his capabilities.

Server skills include an understanding of how servers work, APIs, SQL, databases, and cybersecurity. These aspects relate to the server-side of the site’s functioning. 

SEO or search engine optimization

The website creator must clearly understand how search engines see pages, by what criteria they distinguish them, and bring them to the TOP. SEO tasks are usually handled by a separate specialist, but the developer must know the principles, otherwise, the site will have to be redone and adapted to the requirements of the CEO. Without this match, the site will not show the required traffic, that is, in most cases, it becomes simply useless. Recently, optimization has become more and more interesting for clients, so a web developer with skills in this area has a better chance of getting the desired position or participating in a profitable project.

Negotiating, interpersonal communication

Web developers are specialists who work closely with not only clients and customers themselves, but other professionals as well. Designers, creators of animation, texts, the same SEO specialists – this is one team, within which there should be complete mutual understanding and contact. Working with customers requires the skills of conducting business negotiations, you need to be able to defend your position, price, and professional opinion. Accept comments, criticism without nerves and conflicts.

How to upgrade your skills?

A few words about how a web developer can strengthen his skills and bring them to a whole new level. Having the skills below will help you get the job you want.

1. Coding

The practice decides here. The more codes a specialist writes, the less likely errors will be repeated. You can use special programs that are written for web developers and are freely available on the Internet.

2. Stay on top of innovation

Web programming is one of the fastest-growing areas. If you do not follow the new products, do not master new methods and technologies, it is very easy to be out of work. Specialized online courses are becoming the optimal source of the necessary knowledge.

3. Don’t forget to rest

Due to the constant workload, burnout has become a “plague” that mows down publishers. Talented people leave the profession. Therefore, it is very important to rest, gain strength and motivation to work further.

4. Don’t forget about personal communication skills

Many developers, especially those working remotely, very quickly lose the skill of live and direct communication. This reduces the ability of the specialist to work in a team, and therefore reduces his value.

Each of these skills should be used when writing a resume, in a cover letter, and in an interview.

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