You might be looking for the perfect tools and plugins to build satisfying web designs. However, the WordPress themes and plugins could be challenging to utilize. They have a lot of pre-made options that don’t suit the website’s niche.

Choosing the right themes and plugins for your website creates a significant impact on the users and visitors. Since most of the WordPress designs have default options, developers might have a hard time tweaking styles according to their needs and preferences.

Thankfully, you have the option to choose the BeTheme WordPress plugin allowing you to create enticing and eye-catching web pages. It comes with the whole package, so using it would not be a problem.

For only a one-time fee, BeTheme brings all the essential tools for building websites, such as:

  • the backend and frontend builder
  • 600+ pre-built websites; and
  • a WooCommerce builder.

BeTheme Plugins Features And Functionalities

BeTheme Feature #1: Muffin Builder 3

Functionality: Build and manage the backend

The disadvantage of the WordPress page builder is that some of its features are not flexible. For example, the drag-and-drop editing tools from WordPress are a great advantage for those who don’t have a developer’s skill.

However, it is not always favorable for developers who want to make some changes to their pages. It might also not leave you a little room for creativity if you want to improve the web design.

The BeTheme plugin enables you to have full control over your website. Hassle-free tools and plugins don’t need to compromise the creativity for creativity if BeTheme can have them both.

Through Muffin Builder 3 editor, you can experiment or be creative with your website’s designs. At the same time, you can choose to use the prebuilt sections or templates and other predefined settings. If you want to code or use default options, it’s all up to you.

1 The BeTheme Powerhouse with 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites
1 The BeTheme Powerhouse with 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites

What’s more, this backend builder allows you to add page elements to make the website unique. Optimizing features like “add counters,” “add sliders,” and “optimize searches” are all possible with the Muffin Builder 3.

BeTheme Feature #2: Muffin Live Builder


The drag-and-drop website page builders are crucial elements in creating a website. Having this feature allows more people, even without a developer background, to create a personalized website.

Nonetheless, there are downsides to this drag-and-drop page builder. Developers are indeed working together to create intuitive and well-functioning plugins inside and outside of the WordPress ecosystem. However, it sacrifices and compromises a lot of crucial features.

When you use it, you are customizing designs on the frontend instead of inside the WordPress dashboard. That is one of the reasons why web pages slow down and stall out.

Another downside is that when you want to customize other tools, you still need to do it on the backend, which makes the work more challenging. It limits your capability to customize everything on a page.

Why You Need Muffin Live Builder:

  • Easy customization without compromising the speed
  • Lightweight visual builder
  • The edited or customized design reflect real-time
  • Use frontend or backend for editing–your choice
  • Flexibility

2 The BeTheme Powerhouse with 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites
2 The BeTheme Powerhouse with 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for pages to load or make changes to see how the page looks at the front end. Using both frontend and backend for editing is also not an issue. You can decide to build the prime design at the backend, while other features on the frontend editor.

BeTheme Feature #3: Muffin Woo Builder

Functionality: Build great-looking monetized sites

The biggest purpose of many page builders is to help website creators to have a visually pleasing design, allowing you to view its changes simultaneously.

With this kind of builder’s goal in mind, it sometimes compromises the eCommerce features for online entrepreneurs. The remedy they usually do is to download the WooCommerce plugin to enable all the eCommerce pages.

eCommerce features should include:

  • Checkout
  • Cart
  • Products
  • Shop
  • Payment Options; and more

No one could argue that the WooCommerce plugin is doing its job right. But designing web pages with different tools can be exhausting, and sometimes incompatible.

3 The BeTheme Powerhouse with 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites
3 The BeTheme Powerhouse with 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites

Advantages Of Muffin Woo Builder:

  • Comes with customization options for shop templates and single product pages
  • Enables you to add a Wishlist section
  • Allows you to put a sidebar
  • Enables you to choose from 11 product gallery styles
  • Can show or hide cart button
  • Set custom variation swatches
  • Choose from header icons options
  • Change modes from Catalogue to Shop
  • Customize how the product looks at the configure settings
  • Customize the design rules for eCommerce pages

Without Muffin Woo Builder, you have to download plugins with these features from different sources. It would take a lot of time and consume more space. So, having this Muffin Woo Builder would be worth it.

BeTheme Feature #4: 600+ Pre-Built Sites

Functionality: Instantly design an attractive website

BeTheme comes with different essential features to create a well-built website. It is lightweight, so there would be no lags and sticky pages. This plugin also comes with many builder options to customize according to your needs and preferences.

4 The BeTheme Powerhouse with 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites
4 The BeTheme Powerhouse with 3 New Builders & 600+ Pre-Built Sites

But it doesn’t end there. BeTheme has more than 600 pre-built websites, and they will be releasing more in the following weeks.

Here are the things to expect after installing a pre-built website:

  • Load into your WordPress installation a fully-equipped and fully functioning website
  • BeTheme will install all the essential plugins dedicated to your site
  • The website has placeholder content and imagery allowing you to replace them anytime

How Could These Features Benefit You:

  • Cost-saving
  • Time-efficient
  • Get access to more than 600 pre-built websites without extra fees

BeTheme As The Total Design Package: An Ultimate Game Changer

Imagine saving more with BeTheme plugin. It is like a one-stop shop where you’ll get everything you need. It is both for WordPress designers and developers.

Summary of what you’ll get with the BeTheme plugin:

  • 600+ pre-built websites
  • One WooCommerce builder
  • Two-page builders

About your WordPress design, BeTheme will cover all your needs and you have nothing to worry about. If you are ready to dive into this game-changer website builder, get the BeTheme powerhouse now.

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