If there is one thing most people have realized, it has to be just how important having an online presence is vital to them. While there are various social media platforms, the best way for a business to have a lasting presence in the online space is to get yourself a website. You need to consider other features like the user experience (UX) with a website because bad user experience makes clients stop visiting your site. If you have never run a website before, it might be hard for you to know what UX is all about, so having a rough idea might help. Here are some ways UX will affect your clients and their reception to your service, site, and products.

What is user experience?

In simple terms, user experience is the entirety of impressions and emotions experienced by the user when interacting with your site. A good UX means that clients can easily interact with your content and get what you are all about. The whole concept revolves around usability, visual appeal, and design elements used in a site.

It affects how everyone views your brand.

One of the main things that come with UX is the perception people have of your brand. Whenever clients click on your site, whatever they interact with determines whether they will get your service or not. If you have a bad design or your page does not load fast enough, then there is a high chance that the clients will go to a different site that loads fast enough and does not lag. In the long run, this translates to either an increase in sales or a drop in them.

UX affects SEO

One of the biggest reasons to focus on UX when designing a website is SEO. If a site has a poor UX, then there is a huge chance it will not perform well if it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Whenever you create a user experience, it has to be done so with the user in mind. People who build websites often think the UX is meant for Google bots when the opposite is true in an absolute sense. UX is for the people visiting the site. The more people visit a site and appreciate it, the higher the SEO ranking will be.

It improves the time that people spend on your site

When your site is created with the user in mind, there is a chance that the said user will go through the entire website. Since they want to know what the site is about, they will wait to order the products or services until the end. With poor UX, this changes. The bounce-off rate is bigger, and most people will not even get to the products being offered.

Running a site means you have to keep seeing how your users interact with your content. If they do not do so, then the whole website will make no sense for you. Take your time and know what your target for the site is. It helps you make a better decision when it comes to the elements you put on your site.

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