In many cases, some project owners or business managers are reluctant to conduct one-on-one online meetings simply because they have conversation issues or have no experience in structuring meetings. If this describes you a lot, then there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just that you need the best way to prepare, structure and conduct meetings so that they can achieve the desired result.

Meeting management can be challenging as you have to structure the meeting, invite attendees, decide the topic, make the necessary arrangements for the date and time, and more. But your upcoming conference doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many solutions nowadays with which you can try to achieve the best results. So let’s get down to business.

Manage your appointments with productivity tools.

Structuring, preparing, and conducting meetings can be challenging, especially if you are dealing with a large number of meetings over a period of time. One-on-one can be intimidating as you stand alone. And it can be difficult to arrange a meeting and make appointments with the participants. Not to mention, you have to remind them over and over again of the upcoming meeting.

To use meeting preparation, you can use Notiv AI Notes to sync with Google Meet.

Notiv can sync with Google Calendar to record your appointments. Notiv is essentially a productivity and collaboration tool that can record, transcribe, and publish your appointments. When you add an appointment to your Google Calendar, Notiv automatically lists the information. You can easily schedule an online session and the app will automatically invite your customers. Reaching out to your clients one by one to remind them of an appointment can be quite tedious. This is where Notiv comes in. After you add the meeting information to your Google Calendar (the app you synced with Notiv), the Notiv app will automatically send meeting invite links to meeting attendees. Without lifting a finger, the Notiv app will also remind them of their appointment a few days before the appointment. It can even help you with your daily digestion.

You can easily manage your appointments with Notiv AI note-taking software. Visit his official website to learn more about this amazing software.

Make human interaction a priority.

Although you hosted the meeting through Google Meet, this does not mean that it needs to be held at a distance from one participant to another. You must establish the context for dealing with the person. One-to-one meetings are an opportunity for you and your team to look for opportunities for improvement. It’s the same with your client. When things go wrong, you need to be able to speak in difficult situations. When everything is going well, you should appreciate it. Often times, many people miss these signals because they are too busy recording during the meeting.

It’s also a signal to us that manual note-taking does have loopholes. Based on normal note-taking How long does it take for you to jot down important points on a piece of paper? What is the chance that you will miss important points during the meeting? Let Notiv notes app help you capture all your appointments so you can focus on communicating with the other meeting attendees.

What are the goals?

Before you go to a personal meeting, you must set a clear goal in front of it. What would be the satisfactory results for a particular meeting? What results would you like to expect from the meeting? What points would describe the outcome of the meeting? What is your goal for the upcoming meeting? If necessary, you can discuss this with your internal team members before moving on to the next level.

Create a plan.

In business processes, nothing works without a good plan. Some people like the philosophy of not making a plan and letting the water flow. But to a certain extent? We have seen many people fail to achieve results because they have too many ideas to brainstorm. In the end, they couldn’t focus on their core goals because they didn’t have a plan. It sounds so simple, “there is a plan.” But it can be the deciding factor between failure and success.

Remember, a meeting is a collaboration. This means that you cannot work alone. Yes indeed. You don’t have to schedule the meeting alone. Instead, you can discuss this with other partners first. Although you already have some ideas, you should keep listening to them. Ask them if they have any problems they are facing. Ask a trusted guy to tell you about the problems they face on a daily basis.

Start with verification. Ask them how they feel. It could be a simple phrase. But it works. Build trust by talking about how you feel first.

Action items

There may be other elements or activities that occurred in the previous meeting. These action points need to be converted into objectives to support the goal of your meeting group. You can also get updated information on your team’s goals. You will want everyone to be on the same page so you can proceed with the agenda.

Feel free to discuss the tasks and challenges you and your team members might have. See if your team members are bothering you by asking them how they are feeling. Listen to their response and look for a chance to work on it. In most cases, words alone are not enough. You must commit to solving problems with your team members. If you need to review an appointment, you can rely on Notiv to do just that.

Set a clear expectation of what the best result will actually look like.

Creating action items

You can usually define clear action points each time a meeting is held. When you create a series of activities, it also means that you set clear goals and timelines that will help you and your team stay on track. Notiv note-taking software can do this automatically. He will present you with action items and other outcome variables to help you track the meeting outcomes later. To find out more about this, visit the official Notiv page.

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