Website development and running a blog take a lot of time and effort. However, you can earn a sustainable living once you have enough traffic on your website and a faithful audience. The content on your website plays a massive role in attracting the audience, but relevant imagery makes it attractive. However, not many people have the patients click photos, edit, and upload them. Stock photos and videos are a great source to use to make your website visually appealing. We are exploring stock photo trends and how to choose them in this article. Let’s begin!

Latest Stock Photo Trends

Particular niches have been trending and attracting the audience’s attention immensely. Here are some of those trends:

1.   Mental Health

Mental health is one of the topics that has been trending for the past few years as people are actively trying to gain more knowledge. The effort of people to make their mental health better attracts them towards stock images and blogs that actively talk about them. Mindfulness is one of the things that help improve your mental health. Stock photos about Mindfulness are more relaxed and have a peaceful impact on people’s minds. You can use such topics and imagery in your blog to grab the audience’s attention.

2.   Interior Designs

Do you scroll through numerous attractive home images and can never get enough of them? People have started giving more attention to the amplifying look of their spaces, especially since the pandemic hit. Making homes a sacred space filled with positive energy is the aim of most people this year. Stock photos representing ideas to make spaces more functional and aesthetic immediately grab the user’s attention. Images having more plants and earthy tones are trending in 2022. If you are writing a blog on making your space more positive and calming, definitely use these images.

3.   Automotive Imagery

Automotive imagery is one thing that attracts men and women of all age groups. Attractive car images have a massive impact on your audience, making them dive deeper into your content. Finding high-quality automobile imagery is not easy, but Evox Image has stock photos, and they have been successfully running their business for 25 years. Your website design will stand out if you use trending images. Images that represent top-of-the-line innovations are the best in making your Website attractive.

4.   Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are some domains that have a massive impact on a broader audience. Fitness is becoming people’s priority, especially these days. Using stock images showing fitness attractively helps in motivating people more. A high-quality stock photo has all the elements quickly to grab the audience’s attention and make them stay.

How to use Stock Photos for your Website in a Unique Way?

Numerous stock photos emerge every day that look pleasing to the eye. However, you can add a custom touch to them using simple tips. Here are some:

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●     Add filter and edit colors

If you like a stock photo or branding mockup templates but want to add an element of uniqueness, you can add filters over the image giving it a brighter or rustic feel. If you don’t want to add filters, you can edit the colors, making them sharper or muted depending upon your Website’s theme.

●     Zooming image

Before selecting and downloading a stock photo, make sure it’s high-resolution. Zooming the image and focusing on the main object makes the photo look unique in its way. You can also use a cropping technique to edit out the background. It adds character and more depth to a stock photo, making it seem more personalized.

●     Combining different photos

It is not vital to use one image; you can combine various stock photos to make one. Collages are trending these days, and they put across messages properly. You can add texts over the image to personalize it according to your content. Try using one photo as a transparent image and the other as a focal image. Merging two stock photos creates a unique image without putting in much effort.

Stock photos are a lifesaver for people who don’t have much time or photography skills. The high-quality images enhance your content quality and make it more eye-catching. If you are designing a website on your own, using stock images can make it look more professional.

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