Phantombuster vs Dripify LinkedIn Automation Tools Comparison

When it comes to smart & productive LinkedIn automation tools, Phantombuster and Dripify are the industry’s most innovative LinkedIn optimization and lead generation systems on most people’s shortlist.

Both the platforms are a must-go tool for digital marketers who want to harness the power of LinkedIn and generate prospects and for those with the aspiration to reach an extensive global audience in no time.

In the battle between Phantombuster vs Dripify, one thing is sure: these two leading platforms are pro-level to the max.

Both software has been coded to reap the maximum benefits of LinkedIn services, but with their added functionality comes added cost.

Read the below Phantom Buster vs Dripify comparison and know which option is better!

Dripify Pros and Cons

Dripify is your brand new BFF. It’s an easy-to-use LinkedIn automation tool that will take your relationship with your prospects to the next level. Dripify works by going down their funnel and giving them the right offer at the right time.

You should already be on LinkedIn. At this point, you are either doing it all manually or your marketing team is wasting hours finding relevant connections in the process of onboarding and building their business development prospects. Dripify LinkedIn automation tool creates a bridge between the onboarding team and the BDRs by automatically selecting, prioritizing, and even inviting your 1st connections.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create outbound campaigns while sitting on your couch? Wouldn’t it be great to set up multiple calendar reminders every week, without touching a single button? And wouldn’t it be just like the best thing EVER if you could generate lists of target markets from your competitors or thousands of search engines? Dripify does all this and more.

The multifunctional LinkedIn automation software — Dripfy is designed to make your sales acquisition a cakewalk for you. You can accelerate your lead generation and close more deals — all on complete autopilot – when you have dripify in your tool arsenal.


  • Cloud-based tool
  • Advanced algorithm
  • Easy-to-use
  • Zapier Integration
  • Free trial
  • Well-explained tutorial videos
  • Clean user interface


  • The mobile app isn’t available
  • Downloading options are limited

Phantombuster Pros and Cons

The number one LinkedIn automation tool on the market is the Phantombuster. One of its main advantages is that it can easily be used by anyone to schedule activities, post messages and link them to other profiles. Even it obtain the ability to respond to posts automatically. It is a cloud-based application that creates easy interaction between you, your leads, and your prospects.

It allows you to schedule a variety of functions including auto-response, posting status updates, publishing blog posts, or sending direct messages.


●     User-friendly

●     Gathers public data from social media, preventing the need for manual work

●     Integrates with other tools

●     Comes with a free trial

●     Comes with a built-in email discovery tool


●     Offers daily limits for use instead of weekly

●     Lacks a database and data visualization

●     Requires users to create their own APIs

●     Pricing is quite high

●     Limited timing options

Why Choose Dripify Linkedin Automation?

Dripify is the first platform that allows you to scrape data from LinkedIn, send messages, and track your messages in one single suite of tools. Scrape thousands of profiles, run our unique algorithm for getting contact emails and extract more than 50 data fields from each profile. Dripify LinkedIn is the ultimate marketing automation software for people who want to get their prospects and customers on autopilot.

Automate all your social media sales and marketing efforts at once by doing things like posting your new articles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook with a single click. And set up automated email reminders to keep in touch with your prospects on LinkedIn after you connect, without having to lift a finger. Dripify drives more sales because it makes you look busy, even if you work part-time!

Why choose Dripify over Phantombuster

Cursorily, you might assume that Phantombuster is a more advanced plugin than Dripify. After all, it has a better name and can do some cool things. But consider this, Phantombuster alternative lets you fine-tune the parameters of your clipboard items. Plus allow selectors and regular expressions as well as using XPath selectors and even for more precise and accurate cleaning. Selectors also open up a world of options to use in customizability, giving users a lot more freedom to do certain tasks.

  1. Dripify is a tweak to the Firefox clipboard designed to make the duplication of long texts easier. By using advanced XPath selectors, regular expressions and improved CSS selectors allow you to define the source and target of your copy operations.
  2. Dripify is the best way to clean up the clipboard in Chrome. It can be used over any text field on your screen and jumps into action the second you copy and paste an item into that text field.
  3. LinkedIn Dripify has an easy-to-use interface and a kind of versatile platform to use.
  4. Phantombuster is compatible with Firefox only, which can create a big tiff if you want to work with other browsers for your clipboard work. On the flipside, Dripify is friendly with almost every browser like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (7+), Android Browser, and Chromium-based browsers.
  5. Dripify’s free trial is quite impressive to ignore.
  6. Dripify creates newsletters, coupons, and other types of interactive content delivered through email. It supports social media tracking, including Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and Google Analytics Reporting (GA). The first step is to connect your email account to Dripify. This can be Gmail or Microsoft Outlook (Online or Web Client), or any other SMTP server (like MailChimp).
24/7 customer supportNoYes
Compatibility with LinkedIn accountsFree and Sales NavigatorFree, Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite
Standard plan cost70$ / month39$ / month
Free trial14 days7 days
Complete performance automationNoYes


If you’re using lead generation as a digital marketing tool, you can’t miss out on the potential of LinkedIn. The social network LinkedIn is a smart choice for digital marketers looking to collect leads. Not only does it come with many perks for its professionals, but it also has several ways to gain quality leads. Dripify software comes with data collecting, lead dashboard reporting, email automation, and sophisticated analytics tools.

If we go with all features, as compared to Phantombuster, Dripify has a simple drag-and-drop editor, so you can create drip emails based on the emails your users open and when they open them. The platform supports A/B testing, which allows you to test several different versions of content and coupons to find out what works best.

In short, Dripify LinkedIn automation comes with the extended potential to offer more for its users!