How SaaS Companies Can Improve User Participation with Video Marketing

In recent years, we have seen a slew of new companies enter the market that provide users with the SaaS experience rather than traditional licensed applications. The SaaS business model is more beneficial both for providers and customers. Flexibility in development and enhancement that are inherent to SaaS boosts providers’ business growth. A convenient subscription model and the ability to use any device that is connected to the Internet facilitate users’ working experience.

The most frequent users of SaaS applications are B2B companies because SaaS applications are enormous platforms that support complex business processes of various sorts. However, how can a company choose exactly your product among a rich variety of other SaaS companies that provide similar services? How to inform your potential customers about a row of benefits they will get if they choose or switch to your SaaS product?

Our answer to these questions is B2B video marketing. In this article, we will share a proven plan of action and give some essential tips and recommendations on how to start your B2B video marketing campaign properly.

What is B2B video marketing?

There are a lot of companies that provide or are going to provide SaaS solutions. If you don’t sell unique services, you will have to make an extra effort to make a statement about your SaaS product. There are a lot of ways to present your product: blog posts, search advertising, social media promotion, and so on. However, SaaS video marketing campaigns claim their superiority.

B2B video marketing means promoting and selling your products or services to companies with the help of appropriate video content. Video content production for SaaS applications doesn’t rule out other types of content. Actually, you will use them as a powerful supplement to promote SaaS product videos throughout the whole marketing campaign.

Why B2B video marketing?

SaaS platforms are complex. To present them in all their beauty, you will have to write a lot of text if you decide to take a writing path.

Now let’s imagine. You have a beautiful copy of five or six pages with images, a detailed list of advantages of your platform, and a reasonable list of benefits for customers. Your final copy, in the end, can fight for the Pulitzer Prize.

But how many people will get to the end of your masterpiece?

Before sharing your suggestions, take into account the following points:

  • There are hundreds of posts to read on the Internet that promote competitors’ SaaS platforms. They can be written better than yours, be shorter than yours, and be published on more authoritative sites
  • People don’t have much time to read articles or tutorials
  • It’s hard to understand how a big platform works by reading the text

B2B video marketing is the best choice when it comes to promoting big platforms and describing their ways of working, peculiarities, and benefits. Product videos for marketing purposes can demonstrate the platform’s layout, features, and specifics better than dozens of paragraphs.

Still, you have to remember that the SaaS marketing strategy isn’t about a spontaneous video you’ve decided to quickly create and publish on your website. You have to carefully think through your marketing strategies. Videos have to work for your business, not just decorate it. Before getting started in video marketing, you have to go through some necessary steps.

How to get started with B2B video marketing?

Without long speeches, you will have to:

Identify your target audience

It’s a rare-case scenario when a SaaS platform serves all types of businesses. This looks like a job for Netflix. If your business isn’t a streaming service, you will have to work hard to identify companies that will be interested in your product and will subscribe to it.

You have to identify the sphere your perfect customer exists in, the type of company, its size, and potential needs. By doing this, you will have a clear understanding of the best-fitted tone of voice, image, and style of a future video. You won’t persuade serious businessmen to start working with your product if you promote a platform in a teenage style.

Identify your goals

Your goals can vary depending on your target audience as well. For example:

  • to get more companies to acknowledge your services
  • boost your conversion rate
  • generate more leads

Why is it important? Your goal will affect the message of your video campaign. It can also affect the number of videos to be created that will work for different goals.

Plan your budget

Video marketing campaigns aren’t just about creating video content. Besides spending resources on the creation of videos, you also have to consider spending on marketing platforms through which you will promote your videos, for example, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Choose your video content strategy

A video marketing strategy starts with the idea and finishes the moment you stop the campaign and start a new one. As you can see, it includes numerous steps to take care of and plan:

  • creating a plan for SaaS content production: this includes choosing the types of videos you are going to create (stories, reels, simple videos), their style, and scripts for them
  • deciding on platforms where you are going to promote your product
  • arranging for the publication of SaaS videos
  • thinking over your expectations for each video and the campaign as a whole

Determine your success metrics

Depending on your business goals and the platform you are going to choose for promotion, you should decide on the key metrics by which you will measure the success of your video marketing campaigns in the intermediate and final stages.

These can be the engagement level, the number of views, the click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and others. It’s important to keep track of your metrics on a constant basis. It’s possible that you can change the direction of your marketing campaign in the middle of the campaign in light of the audience’s feedback and reaction.

Create your video

Be sure to make your videos entertaining and explanatory enough to catch the attention of your potential customers straight away. The video should answer some cornerstone questions about your product:

  1. What’s your product for?
  2. How does your product stand out from your competitors?
  3. How will your product be useful to a customer?
  1. Publish your video

This point is self-explanatory. The only advice is to double-check everything before publication.

Besides these steps, there are also some points you have to take into consideration when you plan your marketing campaign and actually create a video.

What should you consider when starting a video marketing campaign?


The following points are what we would like you to consider when building a video marketing campaign:

  • Provide customers with a continuation

When your potential customers click through the link after watching the video, they should land on the page with additional content that will supplement the video and definitely persuade them to try your product. Those can be additional videos that give more information about the platform or serve as tutorials and push customers up the marketing funnel.

Aside from the video, you can also offer case studies, blog posts, or a demo call with a sales representative.

  • Build a trust bridge with testimonials

When creating videos, make them trustworthy with some testimonials from your current customers. The best option is undeniably a video testimonial. If it isn’t possible, try to add at least a text testimonial in your videos. This way, you will show your target audience that other companies have tried your product and are satisfied with it. It would be extra cool if you get a testimonial from a renowned company.

  • Make sure you can solve your audience’s problems

Your main focus should be on the audience’s problems and pains. Show in the video the way your SaaS platform will help in work, optimize it, or automate specific tasks. If a potential customer can’t get a solution to their problems, they will scroll down or switch off a video after several seconds.

  • Address specialists if you can’t create a video on your own

The videos you will present to your potential customers should represent your company and work for its image. The higher the quality of your videos, the more trust you will gain. If you don’t have a team of professional video makers, consider hiring them.

Let’s sum up

B2B video marketing for SaaS platforms requires a gradual and well-thought-out approach. It’s not an advertisement for a small application or a one-time event. When starting a B2B video marketing campaign, you have to be prepared for different types of audiences, different budgets, and, accordingly, various types of video content that will serve specific goals.

Plan your campaign and all appropriate actions and steps in advance so that your team knows what to do next and how to adjust a campaign to any unexpected circumstances.