How to Find The Best Link-Building Services

How to choose a quality link-building provider? How to find a specialist who will not publish toxic links that harm the site? To do this, you need to check 10 things that the best link building services must guarantee.

Are Sites Indexed by Google?

One of the main signs that something is wrong with the website of the provider is its absence in the search engine index. As a rule, this indicates that the platform was penalized by search engines. In turn, links from such a resource will be unsafe for your company.

Is There Contact Information on the Website?

You don’t have to know where the webmaster or blogger lives. However, what about those situations when it is impossible to find even a contact email? As a rule, this indicates a low-quality PBN from which they are going to sell links to you.

Content Quality

Of course, the website must not have amazing content. At the same time, articles of 300-500 characters with obvious grammatical errors, lack of formatting, or machine rewriting indicate the low quality of the content and, as a result, the low quality of the website as a whole.

Does the Website Have Content on Instant Loans, Farming, Gambling, etc.?

If there is such content on the site, and its share is 50% or more, we do not recommend using it to get links.

What Does Traffic Look Like?

The best option is a gradually growing traffic schedule or stable performance for a long time. PRposting — link building platform — demonstrates this value. Sudden jumps, growth, or decline in traffic may indicate that transitions to the website are carried out from unreliable sources.

Are Links from the Website Openly Sold?

Some websites openly sell links, and webmasters do not care about the quality of the acceptor and easily accept high-risk websites. Wouldn’t you like to have links to unreliable sites next to you?

Has the Website Been Attacked?

The website may have injections with search phrases in the site code, which leads to the appearance of the resource in irrelevant search results.

Is the Website Unique or Content Is Duplicate?

If the site is a clone of another, or the content on it is copied, there is a high probability that this website will soon get penalized by search engines. And in this case, links from such a resource will also not be useful for the platform for which you are building a link profile.

Do Users Interact with the Website through Social Media?

We are not talking about a million-strong audience on Facebook or Instagram, but having social networks and live communication on them guarantees improved click-through rates for your link.

Is Your Link Suitable?

Last but not least is the relevance of the link to the content of the site. At the same time, when analyzing the link mass, Google takes into account the clickability of the link and its popularity among users – the higher these indicators, the better for the donor.

This is a basic list of questions you should ask yourself and your link-building provider before buying links from them.