If you know where to find a web designer, it’s time to talk about how to choose a web designer from the web designers you find. For most companies, a good web designer means professional – thinking, careful, thoughtful, accurate, and up-to-date. To choose a professional web designer and start working with him, it is necessary to:

  • Check the designer’s portfolio

This is an essential indicator of the quality of the work of a web designer. It is enough to look at 5-7 web sites designs. But often, web designers show not new designs but just the strongest ones. Try to look at the latest website designs. This prompts at what stage of the development is now a designer.

The designer should draw evenly according to the grid when creating website design. If this is not the case – do not waste your time. Next, look at the quality of execution of the details and design: the indents of blocks, what text is used in the layout, if the balance between graphics and text, and if there is enough space. The details are good to see how thoughtful the web designer is.

Separately check whether the website has a mobile version and its design. Now, this is an important indicator. If you are satisfied with the portfolio, you can move on.

  • Check communication options

Check options on how to contact a web designer. When a designer has listed only email, of course, that’s not enough.

An in-demand web designer knows that clients often use different messengers, sometimes exotic ones. So the web designer should have mail, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. Some people use Slack.

Not everyone shows a phone number, and that’s okay. Not all designers are good at communicating by voice. It requires specific skills and experience. That’s why you can get the phone number already in the process.

  • Check the speed of feedback

Check how quickly the designer answers questions. Inquiries must be answered promptly within an hour or two. In the case of a heavy workload – until the evening of the day. If the web designer has not responded within two days, you understand that it will not be possible to resolve operational issues quickly. It is better not to start work with such a web designer.

  • Agree on working conditions

Be sure to find out all the conditions of work ashore. How much time your task will take, how much it will cost, what will be the payment scheme and how. Timing is not always possible to estimate accurately. An allowable gap is 2-3 days, but not 1-2 weeks.

  • Conduct a brief

A competent web designer has a questionnaire containing important questions for future projects. You just can’t work without a design brief – you can’t control the result afterward.

  • Conduct an interview

A good practice is to have a Skype interview before you start work. There you will talk to the person in person and be able to ask additional questions.

Checking all this takes a very long time, especially when there are more than 10 candidates. But the most frustrating thing is when after checking a vast number of candidates, there is no suitable web designer. But there is a solution Awesomic.io – a startup that helps customers and designers find each other as well as quickly and efficiently implement the necessary design tasks.

Why Awesomic.io is the best app for hiring a designer?

a1 How To Choose a Web Designer: Why Awesomic.io Is the Best Option For This

a1 How To Choose a Web Designer: Why Awesomic.io Is the Best Option For This

Awesomic.io can be compared to Uber, but for designers. With it, any company can hire a designer without effort who 100% suits the task. Designers from this app do assignments for branding, graphic design, UX/UI, and animation. All designers are part of the Awesomic.io community. There are several stages of selection before the app attaches them to the clients. Awesomic.io tests the designers and checks their qualifications.

The main clients of Awesomic.io are technological companies, startups, venture capital funds, etc. More often than not, customers set tasks to create an identity, then move on to marketing graphics, website, or product design, depending on relevance.

Awesomic.io consists of two applications:

  1. For the client – a web application with a simple subscription where a person can set a design task at any time and be sure it is completed. It is mostly used by the marketing manager of an IT company or global agency.
  2. For the designer – a web application where the designer’s workload is planned, communication is conducted, and the work results are shared.

The customer first goes into the Awesomic.io app, subscribes, and creates tasks. Then a designer is selected and connected to his specific need. The designer sends the results of the work done daily. The client finds another designer if a chosen designer can not cope with the task.

Why it’s essential to send the results every day? Awesomic.io founders know that this provides reliability for the client and removes unnecessary stress about whether everything is okay and whether the task was understood correctly. It also reduces the risk for the designer to look for inspiration for a week and sit down to do it in the last couple of hours. This instills consistency. Most importantly, speed is vital in modern marketing. Awesomic.io clients are actively growing, and it is crucial for them that the designer keep up with the team’s pace.

At the moment, Awesomic.io is working on analytics for designers and the decks with personal metrics to improve efficiency.

How is Awesomic.io different from freelancing?

a2 How To Choose a Web Designer: Why Awesomic.io Is the Best Option For This

a2 How To Choose a Web Designer: Why Awesomic.io Is the Best Option For This

With Awesomic.io, unlike freelancing, the designer as a creator works only on the creative part of the work, solving business problems with visual tools. He or she doesn’t negotiate solutions and is spared the negativity of uninteresting projects or unstable income.

A smart matching developed by Awesomic.io successfully connects people at 95%. The client experience manager resolves any misunderstandings, and toxic clients are blocked.

Currently, the matching algorithm is partially automated, and the team continues to develop the algorithm. This is the company’s technology core and the product team’s focus at the moment.

Awesomic.io develops a design community, so groups have design reviews twice a week, designers get company news from the CEO, and meetings with networking and online games every Friday.

For a modern designer, Awesomic.io is a new lifestyle, a way of life where he or she can be free from geography and prejudices and at the same time develop professionally.


Finding and choosing a web designer on your own is a complex and time-consuming process, so if you do not have time to search you can use Awesomic.io. In 2 years, more than 10000 projects have been fulfilled from Awesomic.io. Several hundred global companies have become the clients of the application. Among them are the Ukrainian application Reface and SilviaTerra – AI partner of Microsoft. Even venture capital funds and international agencies work with Awesomic.io. Awesomic.io subscription is easy to manage: it is possible to double the design department with one button or cancel it if it’s not necessary anymore.

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