Five Ways to Improve the Design of Your Brewery Website

If you operate a brewery business, you can grow your brand and generate more leads and sales when your website is designed and optimized well. To improve the design of your website, take note of the following five helpful suggestions.

1.   Use Images and Videos on Your Brewery Website in the Right Way

Using the right images and placing them on your website in the best positions can make a huge difference in how well your website attracts and engages users.

You should learn about basic UX and UI design techniques in order to ensure you do not clutter pages with imagery, you utilize white space well, and you crop and alter pictures to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Also, make sure you include some images on your website of the behind-the-scenes action at your brewery. You can connect with potential customers in a more meaningful way when you post pictures of your staff using mash tuns, for instance.

You could even include short videos of behind-the-scenes or videos that demonstrate how beer is made. Just make sure you take as much care with your use of videos on your website as you do with photographs. It could even be worth investing in a professional photographer and videographer.

2.   Ensure You Utilize Calls to Action

One of the main purposes of your website should be to gather leads and attain new customers, so if you are not currently utilizing calls to action on your brewery website, it is high time you did.

You could use calls to action to get users to sign up for your email list, which is a great marketing strategy. You could also use calls to action to get people to fill out lead forms.

Of course, if you sell your products via your website, you will also need to include an easy payment method and add prominent call-to-action buttons like “Shop Here.”

3.   Make the Ordering Process Easier

Following on from the last point, it is crucial that you make ordering your products via your website as easy as possible. If you include too many steps that customers need to go through before they can actually buy items, they could stop halfway through the process and abandon their carts.

Using brewery management software can help you to create more efficient order processing. You can also use brewery management software, such as that at Ollie, to better manage your inventory, reports, customer relationships, and brewery production.

4.   Improve the Speed of Your Web Pages

Multiple studies have shown that website users will often abandon sites if pages take longer than a few seconds to load.

So, if your website’s pages load slowly, you could be missing out on a huge number of potential leads and customers.

Use tools to test the speed of your web pages and, if they are loading slowly, take the appropriate action to make them load faster.

5.   Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

People are starting to use mobile devices more than laptops and other devices to search the web and make online purchases.

Therefore, it is incredibly important that your website is correctly optimized for mobile users.

Furthermore, websites that are not mobile responsive can be negatively downgraded in search engine results.

If you do not know how to make your brewery website mobile responsive, it is more than worth spending some money on hiring a developer who can help optimize your website for mobile devices, and potentially address other issues, like those mentioned above, to improve the design of your site and help you gain more leads and customers.

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