If you own a digital business, you are probably aware of just how crucial it is to implement a solid SEO strategy and how it can be one of the starting factors which can either make or break your company. Getting high search rankings for targeted keywords is a must for online businesses that are looking to make a instant impact and drive traffic to their websites. 

However, establishing and maintaining these high search rankings is by no means an easy task and comes with its own challenges which can be both expensive and time-consuming. There is some good news though, as some new and exciting SEO technologies have recently been introduced.

Artificial Intelligence Introduction Into SEO

Artificial Intelligence has continued to make a massive impact on industries throughout the decades, whether it has been to provide personalized preferences to internet users, produce engaging creative writing, or even most recently create some stunning art. AI seems to be doing it all in a much more efficient and cost-effective way than most humans.

This isn’t any different in the SEO industry where AI has been around for some time in different forms but has yet to make its mark on the industry. This all looks set to change however because recently there have been some ground-breaking developments that could completely change the way businesses do SEO from here on out.

But before we get into that, let us first understand why SEO is so important. 

SEO Rankings in a Nutshell    

SEO is an extremely important factor that almost any digital company needs to be active on if they ever want to stand out from their competition. The following statistics show you just how crucial SEO is.

  •  “92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results.”
    (Source: SEO Expert)
  •  97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.”

        (Source: SEO Tribunal)

Quite simply if you are not on the first page of web results for your targeted keywords then around 92% of your potential traffic is being missed and a further 97% of your potential local customers are struggling to find out more information about you.

These statistics speak for themselves, If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to make sure your website continues to rank on at least the first page of popular search engines in order to remain relevant to your customers. 

The Challenges of Maintaining High Rankings in SEO

The issue most companies (especially start-ups) experience with SEO is that it can be extremely time-consuming and expensive to keep up to date with. One of the main reasons for this is that the SEO landscape can change at a remarkable rate:

  •   “16 Google Core Updates have rolled out since 2016. (Source: Search Engine Land)
  • “Google changes its algorithm between 500 to 600 times per year.” (Source: Hill Web Creations)

The fact that businesses need to be aware of search engine algorithm updates and changes, while also being overwhelmed with a multitude of new technologies and tools that are being introduced regularly – makes It’s easy to understand why companies can so easily look past their SEO endeavors and focus on other areas.

Luckily there are some SEO specialist companies that have been aware of this problem for years and have had the foresight to prepare for these challenges.

The Solution – Artificial Intelligence Meets SEO

One such company, SEO Vendor, has developed a new patent pending AI technology called “ CORE AI”. Backed by extensive research and development over the last seven years, CORE AI allows companies to take their business to the next level by enhancing every aspect of their SEO campaigns. This ultimately promises a 99% ranking rate with a 10X faster analysis and better accuracy in SEO results. 

The technology works by proactively examining marketing strategies on a 24/7 window and combines large data and artificial intelligence to deliver analytic insights. This leads to campaigns that are quicker and more reactive to changes, ensuring that businesses get the maximum return on their investments.

CORE AI can be broken down into a few different frameworks, two important ones being ANN and Branch Prediction.

1) Artificial Neural Network (ANN) 

ANN is a type of machine learning-based technology whose development was inspired by the human brain learning process. The neural networks are trained to be able to predict the best outcomes. In SEO, ANN provides your business with the top decisions to follow, not only in predicting the highest ranking keywords but also taking into account over 100 factors, giving you fast and more accurate suggestions.

A great example of ANN in action can be seen in the illustration below. When using this technology, it’s evident how powerful incorporating AI results is, improving notably the performance of Top 10 Ranking words in 2019-2021. 

Source: Seovendor

2) Branch Prediction SEO

In essence, using historical data to make predictions is beneficial but there are more useful ways to use artificial intelligence. A better and more reliable way to acquire the keywords with the highest rankings from machine learning is to have it take into account the factors that contribute to higher rankings rather than just looking at the rankings of the keywords themselves. 

A great example of this new and exciting technology that incorporates an AI-Driven SEO analysis is Branch Prediction SEO

Source: Seovendor

Branch prediction SEO is a research method that works by allowing us to look at SEO in ways that surpass the capabilities of any existing tool available today. This technology incorporates over 300 factors to instantly predict the keywords with the best outcomes. One of the biggest assets of branch prediction is that it can quickly adapt to Google’s algorithm changes and minimize the risk of any penalties occurring. 

Additionally, it can also identify traffic trends that can be used to plan future content. For example, if you know that a specific type of content is predicted to perform well in the future, you can plan to write and refresh this content in advance. 

Final Verdict

Absolute game changer!

Although AI in SEO is by no means a complete certainty to success, it is still fundamental in understanding for digital companies looking to make an online presence and drive traffic to their websites.

Using ANN and Branch Prediction in specific can lead to an overall Increase in website traffic, and SERP rankings, and help generate leads, this is a fact. However, AI at the end of the day is a system that mimics the human brain and is, therefore still susceptible to not giving you 100% accurate predictions. 

What is guaranteed is that you will receive your information at a far quicker pace, at less of an expense, and with fewer errors than if you had to research the process manually. Whatever the outcome, businesses will at least gain the advantage of being just that much closer to finding their solution.

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